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Will iPad Pro Make You Leave Your Laptop At Home

During the last few years tablets have improved to a considerable degree and without a doubt have threatened the existence of laptops for many reasons. You can do everything on your tablet like sending emails, taking pictures, sharing PDF documents and editing content on the go. Many telecommuters find it very useful when traveling. Similarly, a lot of business users find them very suitable for their daily usage. We have seen all the types of tablets but nothing meaner than the iPad Pro. Let us have a look at what this tablet offers in terms of features after which would we would be able to see how much tough time it can give to laptops.

iPad Pro Features

In terms of screen size, it is huge; a 12.9 display covers almost everything that you would want to do on any laptop. The tablet weighs a thrifty 1.6 pounds and its light weight has made it easy to carry around. Travelers will also find it very useful with 10 hours of battery life and built-in support for cellular data. It runs on the all new iOS 9, capable of playing all kinds of software applications and upgradeable to the 9.1. A 2.26 GHz (Twister) chipset makes it go really fast, further aided by a very decent 4 GB RAM. It has four stereo speakers and supports all kinds of connectivity technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, Radio and USB. It is available in shades of Space Gray, Silver and Gold. You can also record high quality videos with features like slo-mo, time-lapse videos, improved face detection, 3 X video zoom and video geo tagging.

Laptop VS iPad Pro

There is no doubt about the fact that iPad Pro is the closest thing to laptop offered in tablet form factor. But still, when it comes to price, iPad Pro is very expensive. The basic model is priced at around $ 799. A lot of the iPad Pro users will buy it because they really like the iOS 9’s capabilities. There can be many angles with which we can look at this new tablet. The weight reduction will surely add to its portability. There are not many devices that come to mind which offer this kind of screen size and portability. People working in creative fields like graphic designing will particular find it very appealing to have because of its large display size. The addition of pencil will enable them to add finer details to everything drawn on the screen which needs an extra external input device when done on a laptop.


iPad Pro is way ahead of other tablets when it comes to technology, usability and features offered. The question that whether an iPad Pro will successfully replace your laptop is not easy to answer. All laptops do not offer the kind of features that iPad Pro offers to its users. A lot of value driven users might think twice since the average laptop costs a lot less when compared to the iPad Pro. You will have to depend on an accessory keyboard and need to interact with the touch interface on regular basis. A typical laptop user is not very fond of doing that and does everything they need to do via the peripheral devices attached.