Refund Policy

A product will be refunded, if the customer has not opened up the box / packaging.

In case a customer finds a product’s box / packaging physically damaged upon receiving, it can be returned and exchanged with a new product provided it has been reported immediately and the product remains unboxed.

If the customer buys a service and it hasn’t been scheduled yet, it can be cancelled and full refund can be claimed. The money will be transferred back to the customers’ account within 15 working days (more or less depending upon the bank). The money will be refunded in the same payment mode in which the payment was first made.

If a customer schedules a service and does not make themselves available at the time of delivery of the service, they cannot cancel the order at the last minute and no refund will be given in that situation.

On receiving a product if the customer did not open the product, it can be returned within three days. However, standard visit fee will be charged which is 250 AED.

Please note that for all refunds the customer will have to bring the product to Whitehat’s Service Center by themselves as well as pay all costs for transporting the same.