Wireless Support Package for 1 Device

Price: 500 AED

  • Our privileged and premium class support
  • Support for Internet wireless router for 1 device.
  • Wireless Router reconfiguration, SSID Change, Password Change
  • Setup with best suitable encryption
  • Understanding & Troubleshooting the Problem.
  • One Time IT Support On-Site Visit.
  • Same Business Day Support.
  • Support from Experienced/Skilled Professional


Our VIP support Package for 1 Wireless device provides privileged and premium class support to fix all the problems of 1 Wireless device. With this package, we promise to get your wireless device fixed on same day at the convenience of your home. Our highly experienced IT support engineer will visit you and will perform on-site troubleshooting.

  • Same day Diagnosis and Fix Wireless Device problems.
  • Improved performance of your Wireless Routers and Access Points.
  • Reconfiguration of Device if required.
  • Highly Reliable service.

Experienced & Certified Technicians

Our IT Technicians and Support Engineers are highly experienced

Same Day Response

With Premium Package, you are guaranteed to get same working day service.

Onsite Diagnosis, Troubleshooting & Repair

Our Technicians will perform on site diagnosis, troubleshooting and Repair of your PC.

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