Privacy Policy

INFORMATION GATHERED BY WHITEHATSSUPPORT.COM: This page represents the Privacy Policy of Whitehats Support (Web URL: The policy underlined on this web page, discusses / explains the way the information collected by the website is used. The Privacy Policy on this page does not cover the offline issues related to “privacy” or “collection of information” by Whitehats Support. Therefore, all these contents and their implications should only be restricted to their usage within an online context.In order to improve our products, services and offer better customer service, Whitehats Support needs to collect some information. WHITEHATSSUPPORT.COM collects all the data anonymously related to the users of its website.

By ANONYMOUS it implies that none of the information collected is personally identifiable or attributable to a particular user or group of users. It cannot be used to locate or identify any particular user, using the bits of data individually or in combination. Some of the typical types of data bits that we collect may include (not limited to) the following.

  • The type of browser used by the user.
  • The amount of time a user stayed on the website.
  • The region from which the user actually visited the website.

There is some data personal to you that may be collected to provide you with our products or services or personalized the web or service experience. This information usually includes (not limited):

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Telephone Number
  • Your Email Address

The only purpose of collecting this data is to connect with you to provide you a personalized service, ensure the service representative is able to reach you and contact if required. The email address may be used to gather feedback. You have the choice of providing this information to us or opt out of it.  The email address may also be used to send information marketing the company’s own products or services, or that offered by third parties. The customers can opt out of these marketing emails.


We do not SELL, SHARE, OR TRADE personally identifiable information. All the information collected by WHITEHATSSUPPORT.COM is used to process order requests related to products or services that we are offering or will be offering in the future. This information helps us keep track of your order’s status, notify you about products or special offers that may match your buying preferences in our opinion, and collecting status to improve the user journey on our website.  Some of the ways in which we may share your information with third parties include Order Tracking, Processing Checks or Money Orders, Fill Orders, improve functionality of our website, send you emails of promotional nature, and perform important web analysis for making future business decisions. An example of sharing information with third party might include sending your details to a courier service to deliver a product at the given postal address.


All credit/debit cards details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties.


The Cookies are small bits of information about the user shared on their browser. Whitehats Support uses COOKIES to personalize your visiting experience on the website by ascertaining if you have visited before or is this your first time. This is all the information collected using COOKIES.

  1. COM’s Use of Aggravated Data

Whitehats Support may use AGGRAVATED DATA (non-personal information) to improve the overall website usage experience and better the products or services in light of the data received. In case any data or content is provided by a website user (including but not limited to Customer Testimonials), we might use it with your prior permission.


Whitehats Support is bound by the local and international laws to respond to a Subpoena, Court Order, or any other request by a government body, local or international. This request may be restricted to anonymous data or personally identifiable information, demanded by all such bodies, organizations or law enforcement agencies among other bodies, institutions or organizations of similar nature. There can be other instances as well where your personally identifiable information might be shared like in case of Bankruptcy, Transfer of Assets, and Ownership of, related to corporate changes that may include but not limited to Mergers, Acquisitions, or Takeovers.



At WHITEHATSSUPPORT.COM we make every concerted effort to ensure that all our digital assets, servers and information provided is secured. This means incurring additional costs, deploying more human resources or investing in our assets. However, despite of all these efforts, CANNOT GUARANTEE security of any information shared by you with us getting disclosed.



The Privacy Policy shared here only covers and speaks for WHITEHATS SUPPORT. We cannot be held responsible in any way for the Privacy Policies of Third Party Websites, including those for which we have provided links on our website or associate ourselves in any way. In order to know how the information collected by third parties will be used, you need to read their Privacy Policies or other relevant web pages or documentation. The Privacy Policies of the other third party websites are at their own disposal and WHITHATS SUPPORT or its management has no control over it and the way they use the information that you provide to them. All websites covered or connected by WHITEHATS SUPPORT in any way are not covered under this Privacy Policy. The way these third party websites collect information may include but not limited to COOKIES, GIFs, or Forms among other ways. In case you have any question about the Privacy Policy of these Third Party Websites, you need to get in touch with each of them independently.


At WHITEHATS SUPPORT ( we do not knowingly collect any information or data from minors of age under 18. Our company policy is not to entertain transactions by MINORS. We request any MINORs visiting our website not to offer any information on the website or place orders. Information related to MINORS is not collected or knowingly distributed the under age of 18.


All the policies including Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions are the prerogatives of WHITEHATS SUPPORT management. And all policies related to the website or offsite dealing with the customers, services or products, collection of information and everything related to the WHITEHATS SUPPORT doing business in all manners, CAN BE CHANGED ANY TIME. The customers and all other RELEVANT STAKEHOLDERS need to stay updated on our latest policies. The modifications done will be implementable from immediate effect as soon as they are published. We are not bound by law to give notice to any relevant stakeholder in advance.


Feel free to convey your concerns, modifications, updates or any other information that you wish to send our way using the Contact Form on the Contact Us page. Owing to large number of inquiries received every day, we cannot guarantee a time by which we will be able to reply. All inquiries cannot be replied to. However, we will reply to inquires we deem necessary at the earliest possible.