Pro Wireless Package For Villa

Price: 2495 AED

  • 1x Pro High Range Wireless Router.
  • 1x Dual Band Wireless Access Point.
  • Secured Wireless Network.
  • High Speed connectivity for wireless.
  • Up to 450 Mbps high speed wireless network experience.
  • Using 5G technology ideal for Apple MacBook & iPAD’s.
  • Compatible with Samsung, Sony, LG all kind of smart Phone & Devices.
  • Scalable Enterprise Wi-Fi Management.
  • Support DMZ Network.
  • Rapid Deployment.
  • Automatic traffic shaping for apps and games.
  • Sleek Industrial Design.
  • Network Cabling is not included.*
  • Installation & Configuration included.


Our Pro Wireless Package for Villa offers a complete solution for your Wireless networking need. The Package includes High-performance Wireless router and a Dual-band Wireless Access Point that has the ability to provide connectivity for a larger area. The price includes onsite installation, configuration, and setup of wireless network while we will also provide all the necessary equipment.

  • Fast & Reliable Network Connectivity.
  • Up to 450 Mbps high-speed wireless network experience.
  • Wireless Security and Stability.
  • Support with all kind of OS Mac OS, Windows, Android, etc.
  • Device Registration control by MAC Filters.
  • Guest wireless network Optional.
  • Long Range Wireless Device

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