2 Wireless IP Camera Surveillance Package

Price: 2200 AED

  • 2 Wireless IP Cameras.
  • Accessible from Anywhere.
  • iOS / Android Supported.
  • Camera Cabling /Power Connections.*
  • Installation & configuration included.


Our Surveillance solutions are designed to secure your home, office or any other nationwide locations. This package comes with complete set of 2 Wireless IP cameras that are accessible from anywhere. Our trained and experienced technicians will install and configure the camera at your place. 2 Cameras are suitable to secure small building especially when you want to secure your entrance areas.

  • Highly Reliable.
  • Complete solutions.
  • Easy to operate Cameras
  • High End Internet connectivity

Best in class Surveillance Solutions

We provide best in class Surveillance solutions at affordable prices.

Most advanced and Highly Reliable Cameras

We provide high quality cameras that provide highly reliable performance.

Quick Deployment

In most cases you will get same day deployment of CCTV camera.

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