Cancellation Policy

A customer can only cancel the order before it has been scheduled. Once the order has been scheduled it cannot be cancelled. The customer can communicate request for order cancellation via Email and Phone Call.

For more information on refund please refer to the Refund Policy.

In case a cancellation is accepted, the entire orders’ amount will be fully refunded.

Orders can also be cancelled in case the product or products (hardware) originally ordered as part of a service and installation package are out of stock.

Every product provided (hardware) comes with a standard One Year Manufacturer Warranty. During the time it is covered under warranty, the customers can claim the warranty in two ways.

  1. They can bring the hardware to the Service Center of Whitehats to get it replaced.
  2. They can place onsite Service Delivery order. This time, the order will only charge for services and not the hardware provided it is covered under the warranty and the warranty is still valid.