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Whitehats LLC is responsible for the maintenance of the website http://www.whitehatssupport.com. The terms and conditions shared or discussed in this Terms & Conditions web page govern the use of WhitehatsSupport.com website. By using this website (http://www.whitehatssupport.com) you agree to the Terms & Conditions for its usage, shared here. Whitehats LLC reserves the right to make changes to, amend, delete or totally introduce new policies without being legally obliged to give any prior notice at any time, effective immediately. We encourage all relevant stakeholders to regularly visit this page to stay updated on the latest Terms & Conditions governing the use of http://www.whitehatssupport.com. All users interacting with this website must abide by these Terms & Conditions, or their use of the website might be terminated temporarily or permanently or we may take appropriate legal action against them in the relevant court of law / jurisdiction deemed appropriate by Whitehats LLC.


Dubai Area Exclusions

Any package that you select on http://www.whitehatssupport.com website excludes some Dubai areas like Dubai Investment Park (DIP), Palm Jumeirah, Al Barari, and Rimraam Dubai. Additional fee of 150 AED need to be charged

Emirates Exclusion

The package selected by you excludes other Emirates like Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and any other areas. To get IT support in other Emirates get in touch with us on our office number +971 43382500.

Work Exclusions

The service packages only cover the work listed on the relevant pages. They do not include any extra or other work or resources required to complete the job including hardware, software licenses, and civil works.

Limited LICENSE: The access granted for the use of http://www.whitehatssupport.com is limited, non-exclusive, revocable, and non-transferable license. You can utilize the services offered by the website and access its contents while remaining within the confines of the Terms & Conditions discussed on this page. Whitehats LLC reserves the right to include or exclude any of the features, products or services at any time upon the discretion of its management without prior approval or giving any advance notice or imposing limits.

Website Operations

The country of our residence / domicile is United Arab Emirates. Whitehats LLC is responsible for managing and controlling this website. Whitehats LLC does not recommend the usage or fitness of this website in other regions of the area and is not responsible for it in any way. In case you want to use this website from outside the UAE you need to comply with the local applicable laws. This means you are not allowed to use, export or re-export any materials from http://www.whitehatssupport.com website. This is in direct violation of the international intellectual laws protecting intellectual property as well as against the UAE export laws and regulations.

Applicable Laws

This website is governed as per the applicable laws of the UAE. The same applies to the Terms and Conditions without any regards to conflict with other international laws / principals / regulations / norms. All the conflicts arising related to http://www.whitehatssupport.com can only be contested in a court of law in UAE.

Support for One Currency Only

Whitehats LLC’s website http://www.whitehatssupport.com currently only supports AED for making payments related to all its products or services. The same currency will be quoted for pricing, charged on the card and show up in your bank statement. However, upon our management’s discretion we may change it without prior notice.


Whitehats LLC currently accepts payments via Visa or Master (Debit or Credit Cards) for all its products and services only in the AED currency. All the online purchases that you do on http://www.whitehatssupport.com are governed by the rules set by the respective Merchant Service Provider. In case of any questions regarding the way purchases are done, the processes carried out on the backend or any other questions, you can contact the respective Merchant Service provider. The Terms of Use shared on this website supersede any other Terms & Conditions in any form written or oral or agreements with any other party. A Waiver to these terms may only be applicable if made in writing and signed by any of the authorized officials / members of the management team of Whitehats LLC. All refunds will be made in the original mode of payment through which the payment was received.

Office Foreign Assets Control Sanctioned Countries

Whitehats LLC will not trade with or provide products or services to any individual or third party companies owned or controlled by or acting on behalf of the OFAC targeted countries. This means exclusion of all OFAC related countries, individuals, groups or entities of any other kind related to terrorists and / or narcotics, human traffickers or committers of similar natured offenses. This also means exclusion of OFAC entities that may or may not belong to a particular country in all their manifestations.

Representations by You

By visiting http://www.whitehatssupport.com you represent, warrant and covenant that you are of the age 18 years or more, that all the materials that you have submitted through http://www.whitehatssupport.com are not plagiarized, do not violate or infringe upon anyone’s copyright laws (including third parties involving trade secrets, copyright, trademarks, trade dress, privacy, patents, or any other personal or corporate information reserved under the proprietary rights. We expect all web visitors under the age of 18 not to register on our website as Users of the Website or transact in any way.

Permitted Use

All the materials of this website that you are using, you warrant that you would only use for personal (noncommercial) purposes. This means that you will not indulge in downloading, publishing, copying, duplicating, or otherwise distributing this proprietary information protected by intellectual rights, unless you are specifically authorized by Whitehats LLC. This also means not linking indirectly any deep links for any purpose unless you have been authorized by Whitehats LLC to do so. All the materials on this website including logos, contents, videos, and images are protected by the intellectual copyrights and sole property of Whitehats LLC. You are advised to keep record of the transaction records that took place between you and this website. This also means that you are well aware of and fully cognizant of policies, rules and regulations set by the Merchant Service Provider.

Your Account

Once you are using the Whitehats LLC website http://www.whitehatssupport.com, you will be solely responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your credentials. This includes but not limited to taking care of usernames, passwords, restricting unauthorized access to your device you are using for transacting and also using the latest / secure browser for transactions, among many other security measures. The website http://www.whtiehatssupport.com or Whitehats LLC will not be responsible in any way directly or indirectly, explicitly or implicitly for any loss that you may incur upon use of this website or due to your personal information unauthorized use.

No Commercial Use

You are not authorized to use this website to sell anything or use it for any commercial purposes that may involve selling of merchandise and services of any kind. In that case you need to get a prior written consent with all the details from the management of Whitehats LLC. This may involve but not limited to advertising, solicitations, links or any other communications. Anyone found violating the fair usage of the website Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy or any other rules or regulations applicable, will be taken against the legal action we deems appropriate. You cannot make commercial offers on behalf of http://www.whitehatsssupport.com or represent the website or the company Whitehats LLC in any capacity unless duly authorized by proper authority in part or fully.

Links and Search Results

The search results displayed by http://www.whitehatssupport.com may include links to other websites or third parties all over the World Wide Web. Whitehats LLC has no controls over these websites, their contents, policies or any other thing. We will not be responsible in any way about the misrepresentation, fraud, or other harm that you may incur dealing with these websites. This means anything on the third party websites showing up in our search results including their contents, endorsements, accuracy, cultural or religious sensitivity and other things. We also cannot guarantee if these websites are having technical issues, phishing software installed on them, viruses, or their ability to otherwise impact your PC, tablet, smartphone or any other device you are using to access them. The damages that you may incur using these third party websites may include losses, problems in browsing or any other unexpected or unprecedented issues for which you would be solely responsible.

Copyright Policy

We may terminate the use of the website of any user that we find violating the copyrights of the website http://www.whitehatssupport.com. This may include but is not limited to using of material protected under copyright law without license, prior consent, falling under fair usage policy or any other illegal way. All the information submitted by you to this website must not infringe upon anyone’s intellectual property rights.

Protection of Intellectual Property

Whitehats LLC or the website http://www.whitehatssupport.com are not responsible for content’s quality or data that is provided by users including text, images, and videos that we make available to other users. The materials published on this website are the intellectual property right of Whitehats LLC. These intellectual property rights are protected by International Intellectual Property Laws as well as applicable local copyright laws. All the materials / contents on http://www.whitehatssupport.com cannot be copied or used in any other way or distributed with the prior consent of Whitehats LLC’s management.

All the content / materials published on http://www.whitehatssupport.com remain its property this may include but is not limited to images, titles, Meta tags, videos, and other contents including text. Under any circumstances you do not have any right to use this content / material in any way unauthorized by the website or its management. This may include but not limited to NOT claiming ownership to this content, copying or loaning it, selling it or distributing in any other manner. The unauthorized use of the content / materials protected by the intellectual property rights will not become your property under any circumstances or create any type of right of usage, title or interest unless an approval is given to you by a concerned authority at Whitehats LLC for the use of this online content / material.

By using this website you are agreeing and acknowledging all the copyright / intellectual property rights of Whitehats LLC and all its subsidiaries. In case you want to use any content / material on this website in part or fully, you need to get prior proper authorization. By using the contents / material you are protecting the company against all kinds of legal obligations related to that usage including their accuracy and harms resulting from use of that information contained within.

You are protecting company by knowing about Limited Warranty, Limitation of Damages, Company (Whitehats LLC or http://www.whitehatssupport.com) is not responsible for any damages or harm that you may incur using the contents / materials through proper approval on http://www.whitehatssupport.com. You understand that you will have to protect the company from any kind of implicit or explicit legal obligations.

Violation of Terms of Use

By using Whitehats LLC’s website http://www.whitehatssupport.com you fully understand that the company may at any time terminate your access to this website with or without any reason or prior notice. This may also involve removing any unauthorized information considered inappropriate by the company. We have all the right to remove the information that our management or webmaster decides is not consistent with the Terms of Use, violates or infringes upon any users’ or entities rights, has offensive connotations, or violates any law. In case of removing that information you understand that any monetary compensation will not be able to compensate Whitehats LLC sufficiently for violation of the law, terms of usage or any other regulations / rules. You thereby consent to be part of an injunctive or other equitable relief to be provided to Whitehats LLC for all such kinds of violations. This may involve revealing sensitive user information about you if and when required by law.


By using http://www.whitehatssupport.com, you are agreeing to indemnifying or holding company its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, agents or representatives and other business partners from all kinds of losses, legal proceedings / obligations, liabilities, claims, or demands. This may include attorney fees paid by the company Whitehats LLC or third parties, arising due to the use of this website by you. This may result in such implications because of many reasons like providing links to other websites, uploading of content, or in any other ways.

License Granted To You

All the contents including personal information which would help us process information is provided by you because you are authorized by law to do so. This means that you are warranting that all the contents that you have submitted, you are their rightful owner. You have given Whitehats LLC an irrevocable right worldwide in any language and for eternity to use it in any form or make it part of any other piece of content. Whitehats LLC may choose to publish or distribute the contents / materials provided by you at its own discretion using any method it deems fit. You are also waiving off the company from any claims for that content / material that you have submitted to Whitehats LLC. All the materials or information or content that you are sending to Whitehats LLC or http://www.whitehatssupport.com website can be treated by us as information of non-confidential nature that can be shared by our management at its own free will. This may include but it is not limited to development / creation / improvement of products or services.


Whitehats LLC’s website http://www.whitehatssupport.com may choose to display advertisements or sponsorship endorsements. All the advertisements or sponsorships provided will be at the sole discretion of and responsibility of the sponsor / advertisers. This includes the contents / materials / images and their fitness for general public as well as protection of intellectual property rights.


In case any of the provisions of this Terms & Conditions page become invalid, this would not mean that all other provisions are invalid. This not only means all other provisions will remain valid and the provision that become invalid may not be implementable fully but in part.

All the headings, titles, definitions and other format changes in text are there to only promote ease of reading and do not hold us accountable in any way regarding omissions, commissions or wrongful interpretation of the same.