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What is VPN?

What's a Mobile VPN? The base of an accomplished mobile deployment is Mobile VPN software that gives mobile workers with reliable, secure, access to network resources and details from anywhere. Whitehats has designed Mobile VPN that can deal the challenges faced by the regular home users or people who have regular mobility. This is linked with mobile computing like roaming, performance and wireless security. Mobile Devices We Support for VPN Solution

  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Android
Why use Whitehats VPN? The popular IT group of Dubai, Whitehats is offering VPN services at commercial level but now it is offering special IT Support Services for home users as well. We offer you all VPN solution types at domestic level whether it is hardware based or software based. Knowing the all basic needs of this era Whitehats IT team supports different types of VPN like the connects users with Site-to-Site VPN and Site to Multisite VPN.