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Villa automation in UAE and all around Middle East

In a time when technology is overtaking every sphere of life, Villa Automation is a blessing that is also provided by this rapidly developing world of gadgets and automation. You live a very busy life and are not a fan of having servants ruining your privacy but still you want things to happen in a little automated way. Villa automation is the answer that you have been looking for. With intelligent and virtual solutions, your life becomes more luxurious and hassle free. Villa automation in Dubai is not only becoming a priority in the megacity but Villa automation in UAE is also becoming a must-have to enjoy the life of your dreams. Whitehats is providing its customers with the best solutions based upon the demands put forward by them so that we can help them live a life that they have aspirations for. We can put in alarms or tracking devices for different systems like TV, refrigerators, AC or any other device being used in your house which can be controlled by a single button not only inside your house but even if you are not in your house. You were looking to have a home automation system based upon your moods? Whitehats can even put up such a system for your convenience. In case you want to have a dinner, then dinner curtains will be drawn, light music will be played and dim lights suited for a calm dinner will be lit on. Villa Automation becomes much easier if the key is not multiple remotes or a single remote with lots of key. In order to solve this problem, smartphones can become the best solution. All the control buttons can be placed inside a simple app and then you can control your entire house with simple taps and swaps. You can also have an internet backup solution made in case you lose your smartphone so that you don’t have to wait for another smartphone to regain control of your house. Some of the broad features that you can enjoy once a Villa Automation system is installed at your place include

  • Security
  • Surveillance
  • Access control
  • Entertainment
  • Lighting
  • Energy Management