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Top Five Ways To Increase Wifi Speed for Your Home

Ever wondered if your Wi-Fi speed has been fixed or you could do something about it? Well, you can do some things that might help actually increase the speed of your Wi-Fi internet. Let us have a look at the top five ways of increasing the Wi-Fi speed you receive at your home or villa.

  Configure Auto-Reboot Scheduled for Your Router

The rebooting of your router is one of the oldest yet most effective tricks of improving your Wi-Fi internet speed. There are many other reasons for which your router may not be able to deliver speedy internet. These slow internet issues may include overheating, old firmware, or too much downloading. However, if you feel a sudden boost in your internet speed with a restart, the easiest way to do so is by scheduling an automatic reboot of your Wi-Fi connection. There is software available for doing that. Make sure the settings do not reboot your internet too frequently because that may result in a poor connection.

  Improve Signal Reception of the Router

There is another way of improve your Wi-Fi speed. You can hack into your router by using the DD-WRT firmware. This firmware does not only offer great options for security enhancement but also helps you transmit power. Make sure that your router does not get damaged in the process. In general most routers can handle a surge in power of up to 70 mW. This kind of upgrade will ensure that you are able to use your Wi-Fi connection even from a distant location. It is simple yet effective way of increasing the speed of your wireless internet connection.

  Find DIY Tricks Online To Improve Wifi Speed

There are many geeks online who regularly post tips and tricks to increase the Wi-Fi internet speed. If you are not satisfied with the above techniques, you would probably need to get yourself acquainted with these tricks. Some of the most popular Wi-Fi tricks include Windsurfer foil hack, using cooking strainer to increase range of the Wi-Fi and utilizing an old beer can for the same purpose. The results might not be that great but it varies from one individual’s circumstances to the other one.

  Control Bandwidth

There are so many activities that we do online which easily eat up all the bandwidth. This is sometimes a serious problem which we encounter. The increase in the number of users means that we are all competing for the same space. QoS or Quality of Service can be used to help you gain control over the bandwidth of your Wi-Fi connection. The QoS lets you prioritize which of the things you are running via your Wi-Fi need to get priority over stuff that seems less important to you. So if you have a bandwidth issue with several things running at the same time, QoS automatically knows to which program should more bandwidth be allocated.

  Improve Wi-Fi Security

Wi-Fi security is another issue that makes matters worse when it comes to having control over your wireless internet connection speed. Here are some useful to deploy techniques How to Protect Your Home Wi-Fi Network? that you can use to protect your home network against hacking attempts. Remember that if you have told your Wifi password to someone temporarily, you need to change it before it is shared with everyone in your neighborhood. If you are not able to get quality coverage, it is probably that there are many other users of your internet connection that you probably do not know about. Therefore, always keep changing your password every once a month or at least after every two months. Also, make sure to use security key or password which is not easy to guess.