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Parental Controls: Best friends of parents in modern day

Parental controls on home network have always been an important concern of parents who want an IT network installed in their house no matter if it is a common Ethernet based or work on wireless connections. All the parents want to provide their kids with an environment where he/she is less prone to know the things before he/she is of the right age. Modern day cyber space is full of content and websites that are only suited for users of an appropriate age group. You would never want your kid to read about hate material related to your religion or country. Any concerned parent would protect its child to access profane and adult content before he/she actually celebrate the right birthday. You don’t want your 12 year old daughter to be watching some obscene scene of a movie. Neither do you want your 15 year old son to access a pornographic website on his tablet or laptop. All these concerns are answered by the parental controls pre-installed into your home network so that access of your child to the internet and the content on the home based storage system is through secure means. There are various solutions offered in order to stop your child in order to use network services for a prohibited purpose. Some of them include

  • Pre-determined parental controls by ISP
  • Password protected controls via routers
  • Parental control plugins on the gadgets
  • Parental control on the browsers of devices
Whitehats can offer you several other customized solutions in addition to those mentioned above in order to protect your children from accessing content on internet that is prohibited for their age group. We have successfully provided large numbers of parents around Dubai and UAE piece of mind through our ingenious parental control solutions.