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Monitor your Home from anywhere

Security of your home and your family has become easier in recent times with sophisticated technology and smart gadgets. Now you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids or security of your home based assets because there are many solutions and services available in the market that ensure the sanctuary of your home. You can have all kind of cameras installed at your house in case you travel a lot or if you think that your children are not much secure while you and your spouse work in their office. Gone are the days when security guards and lousy security cameras were the only way to monitor your home because with state of the art technology based solutions, you can ensure that no burglar or trespasser enters the premises of your house. No matter which part of the world you are in, you can monitor your home on your portable devices regardless of the fact that which platform you use. Live video feed of your house can be received on devices like

  • iPhones
  • iPads
  • Android based Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Blackberry
  • Tablets
Not only the platform options are varied but you can also have different kinds of cameras installed in your house based upon the budget constraints and security requirements. Some of the camera options that you can have installed at your house for monitoring purpose include
  • Heat sensing cameras
  • Motion Sensing Cameras
  • CCTV camera
  • Cameras with Audio recording
Now it might seem like to be a huge setup required for the whole “Monitor your House” based solutions but actually it is very simple and all the sophistication goes within the body of the small gadgets that needs to be installed in order to setup a security camera based system.  Few items that will be required include
  • An internet connection
  • A Router
  • Cameras
  • Gadget to receive the video feed
Whitehats has all the necessary professional expertise and experience to install security cameras in your house that will help you Monitor your Home from any corner of the world.