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How To Select Right Video Surveillance System for Your Home

The video surveillance system for your home or villa in Dubai is a good way to secure your loved ones. However, before you make any decision, you must seriously consider the various options. The idea is to carefully analyze what you actually need and then accordingly select the surveillance system which would abode well with your requirements.

  Digital Video Recorder

One of the core elements of a home video surveillance system is the DVR or digital video recorder. There are different kinds of DVR devices available. You need to have a DVR which supports more camera than you require. This would allow you to add more cameras should there be a requirement. The more the number of channels the more the feed DVR device can receive. You can attach more cameras if the DVR has more number of channels.

  Analog or Digital Video Cameras

Although this may sound gibberish but still there is a choice of analog VS digital cameras. Analog cameras use analog signals to send images to DVR. The DVR then sends these images to internet via internet protocol. This allows you to save more on the internet bandwidth. However, in case of digital CCTV cameras, you need to have more bandwidth, as each camera is sending its feed to the internet separately. However, many businesses have their own IP networks so this may reduce the requirement for additional internet bandwidth consumption. Digital cameras provide greater image quality and deliver exceptional video result. If image clarity is too important for you, you should probably need to go with analog CCTV camera.

  Number of Cameras

The number of cameras depends on the areas you need to cover. A large villa in Dubai may need more camera than an apartment. Then some homeowners want to cover outside of their residence while others may also need to install cameras inside as well. This is an important decision yet it greatly affects your cost. You should start with minimum required number of cameras and gradually increase the number after revising your requirements. Give yourself some time to see if the fewer number of cameras you installed is good enough. And only add more cameras if you need them.

  Remote Accessibility

Remote accessibility is another important feature that many homeowners want to have for their home. Many new surveillance systems allow you to view all the cameras on your smartphone. This kind of accessibility is ideal for people who are away from their home for a long period of time. However, this may add to the cost of the entire video surveillance system.

  Capacity of Recorder

The amount of footage you want to get in terms of length is very important. This lets you decide on the amount of storage required. The longer the duration, more the footage length and hence increased cost. Besides length of the video, the amount of storage also depends on the quality of the video. If you want to record high quality videos, you would need to have more storage capacity. However, if you cannot afford more storage space, you can also set your cameras to only record video when the detect motion. Motion detection sensors only record videos when there is some kind of motion.