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How to get a reliable Home Wireless Network security in Dubai & UAE?

Home Wireless Network security is an important thing as it concerns not only security of your IT devices but privacy of your personal data. With advent of modern day technology and with gadgets taking control of our daily lives, Wireless Networks in houses have become a necessity. This also creates the need for Home owners to take security of their Home Wireless Networks very seriously. A simple case of negligence can result in a lapse of security leading to unimagined inconvenience. Let us guide you through some simple steps that can help you ensure the safety of your Home network and your personal data. Placing of Router Always make sure that signals of your Home Wireless Network remains within the vicinity of your house. Any seepage of signals creates vulnerability which can result in an un-authorized use of network at minimum and complete hack of network attached resources at maximum. It is advised that router is never place near windows but in some central room or sitting place. Don’t forget to change Password Wireless Routers come with their own SSID codes which can simply be called Wi-Fi passwords. Don’t forget to change these passwords and never make it too obvious. Try to use some capital letters in your password along with some numerical letters so that breaking the password becomes nearly impossible even for a professional hacker next door.. There are also many other way through which you can secure your Home wireless network from possible breeches. Some of them are

  • Static IP addresses to devices
  • MAC address filtering
  • Setup Firewalls
  • Create a device List