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Five Common Computer Problems With Solutions

Computer, PC or Desktop, whatever you would like to name it may get you into problems.  Some of these problems are universal and almost all of the PC users among us have encountered them once or twice in our lives. Here are these problems and some simple tips to get rid of them.

  Missing DLL Files

DLL which are short for dynamic link library files have information necessary for successfully running programs on your PC. However, there are times when you may accidently remove these crucial DLL files. There may be some installation which has indirectly affected them. There can be many unexplained or obvious reasons for them being removed. There may be a corrupt DLL file. If you are facing the missing DLL files, you need to download them and restore to their respective folder to get the issue sorted.

  Blue Screen of Death

The famous blue screen of death is something that any old PC user would share with you. This sight is not new and many of us familiar with it. Some people think that as it is the screen of death so your PC would not work after that. This is not true as some of the problems related to blue screen death may just go away once you have restarted your PC. There may be other reasons which may or may not resolve the issue related to hardware failure, software problem, DLL corrupted, or drives not properly installed. In case the problem does not go away with the restart, you need to restart your PC.

  Hard Disk Bad Sectors

Your hard disk may get ruined. There may be too many bad sectors from letting it perform to its optimum. In that case there are different utilities available that you can use to make sure that your PC gets out of problem. The bad sectors make it difficult for the processor to reach to data located on those physical places. This is why you need to make sure that your hard disk has been properly formatted. If the problem does not go with a simple format, you may need to do low disk format. However, do not try to do it if you are not sure what you are attempting. When in doubt consult the experts who can fix your computer problems once and for all.

  Unable To Install Anything

There can be a problem if you have more than one user on a PC. You are trying to install something on your PC and it keeps on saying you do not have permission to install that software. This means usually one of the two things. The first thing is that you are not the admin of your PC and you need to get administrative rights. This is no big deal as you ask the admin (your big brother, sister, father or mother) to give you access. Or, you can have virus in your PC which may be interrupting the process of installing software. In this case you need to your Windows installed by a professional home tech IT Support Services Company in Dubai.

  Unusual PC Behavior

There are times when your PC is not behaving the way it is supposed. It may not be responding to the queries or commands. It is taking a lot more time than usual. There are problems when you are opening multiple browser tabs at the same time. Your PC keeps getting Windows not genuine message. In all these kinds of situations you mostly need the help of some expert who understands your PC and helps you get over the issue for the foreseeable future.