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Different kind of Home servers for users in Dubai and UAE

Different kind of Home servers for users based in Dubai and UAE can come very handy to fulfill various tech based needs of Home users. They are useful for workaholic individuals who are in habit of even bringing their office work into their houses. Located within your House, a typical House server helps its users to enjoy various facilities without relying on any outward service. Some of the major functions for which a Home server can be very useful are

  • Media storage & streaming
  • File storage server
  • Home Automation Server
  • Online gaming server
  • Home Security server
  • Print Server
  • Web hosting server
All the above stated services are not the only set of services available through Home servers. Unlike the huge benefits of Home servers for users in Dubai and UAE, they come with very cheap price tags and it is even possible to make such servers through older tech devices that you have stopped using. For example, an old desktop PC can be converted easily into a typical Home server with a simple change of OS, cabling and installation of little extra hardware according to your needs A simple NAS with necessary attached accessories can also help you enjoy a Home server with minimum possible cost. All your files, movies, pictures, music and any other digital data will be safely available to everyone in your house on his own preferred.