Windows 8 vs Mac OS X: First Impressions -
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Windows 8 vs Mac OS X: First Impressions

The war between Windows and Mac devotees is raging for several years. Now it has turned, wild users are receiving best arguments on both sides to present a clear picture, why one might choose one platform over another. The following difference between Mac OS X and Windows 8 will help you about user preference. Desktop Windows 8 has noteworthy change, this is very visual, and the prelude of the UI is known as Metro, now called Windows 8-style Modern UI. Supplanting the old-style desktop & menu as default, Windows 8 is planning to decide for a dashboard of tiles similar to the Xbox 360 and miles away from preceding reiterations of Windows and OS X. On the other hand Mountain Lion is stick with the Apple tradition as its fundamental setup will remain same. This is because it has its own application folder, iOS-style home screen of apps on Macs, the full-screen and fairly new Launchpad. If someone has experienced both Mac OS X and Windows 8 then it can differentiate the basic idea of Windows 8 is similar to Launchpad, but later is popped away in OS X. Mac users who are planning to divert Windows 8 must focus upon apps. As a larger number of community is used to of iOS but Windows really centers on single application at a time and don’t support multiple windows opening at once. This might be a big change that turns off the users to have a serious go. Design Both OS X and Windows 8 has major difference in their designs, users have felt that OS X had a significant edge in design, they do style up at every show specially text. On the other hand Windows don’t have specific finishing; it seems like some type of prototype that gives ridiculous presentation of text. OS always gives an admiring presentation and seems incredibly text centric. App Store With the announcement of OS X Lion, Apple launched the Mac App store, an exclusive digital distribution platform for Mac apps. This has been selected in its near two years of life; this is already the significant prolific storefront for OS X apps. For Windows 8 Microsoft supports their own storefront for apps to the table. A way very similar with iOS manages app downloads; users browse the Windows store for software, purchase and download it and look upon their dashboard as a tile. The recent updates indicate the Windows 8 has cool looks and abundant concepts, apps and contents and well. Contrary to this Apple has not done much changes in OS X as it’s mostly features are ported with its previous versions. In this area Microsoft has done better performance as they have prepared an operating system that one can use on tablets as well. mavi su cialis

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