WAN Optimization and Its Benefits
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WAN Optimization and Its Benefits

WAN or Wide Area Network optimization means using of techniques and technologies which would increase efficiency of data-transfer across the WAN. In order to effectively manage the network, you need to heavily rely upon WAN Optimization. The WAN Optimization would ensure prioritization of traffic and guaranteeing availability of required bandwidth for carrying out different business processes.

  Why Businesses Need WAN Optimization?

There are many tools, applications and technologies which make WAN Optimization an important part of network management. Many new technologies changes have sped up the process of WAN Optimization and increase the number of organizations opting for it. WAN poses two major challenges to modern IT organizations that include latency problems and the huge amounts of money invested for large network bandwidth. There are only two ways of tackling the issue of high bandwidth consumption, the first of purchasing more bandwidth and second, WAN optimization..Whitehats is a platform for all users where they can get any type of IT support services in Dubai at your door step.

  Key Advantages of WAN Optimization Save Money

There are many apparent and hidden costs that a business organization has to pay if its WAN network has not been properly optimized. Once you optimize WAN of your business, it helps you save a great deal of money. When you optimize your WAN, you do not need any extra hardware equipment or software to manage extra load. The WAN Optimization takes care of issues like compression, caching, and protocol optimization, significantly reducing the total costs.

  Improve IT Infrastructure Efficiency

Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dirham getting their IT infrastructures installed. However, after sometimes, the performance of their IT infrastructure starts declining. One of the reasons is that they do not spend time optimizing their WAN network. The WAN Optimization ensures that none of the bandwidth is utilized unproductively. You are able to maximize utility of the bandwidth at your disposal. And your IT network won’t be having issues related to network congestion.

  Enhance Applications Performance

Another important reason for WAN Optimization is enhancement of application’s performance. There are some applications which have a lot of affect because of poor bandwidth while others do not budge. Even if the applications that you are using do not have any impact, they will run faster when you have optimized the WAN. On the other hand applications which struggled to run because of lower bandwidth would offer better user experience and engagement levels. Therefore, one hugely positive impact of WAN Optimization is that of improved applications performance.

  Facilitates Remote Working

Many IT based business organizations need their staff members to work remotely. The use of WAN that is optimized for performance gives a seamless usage experience, allowing your company’s employees to work remotely without any problems. Companies that have branch offices, field staff that works on the go, and business headquarters at different regions around the world, would find WAN Optimization very beneficial. You will be able to quickly transfer data and ensure timely completion of all transactions, enhancing your business’s productivity using online collaboration tools and emails.

  Fast Access to Files

A key reason of WAN Optimization is that you will be able to quickly access the files. The files repeatedly used will be cached, saving you a lot of bandwidth, time and effort. This way you will be able to have greater speeds accessing your WAN network. The WAN will only save the newly created data and not the one already created.

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