Things to know about new Apple iphone 6 -
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Things to know about new Apple iphone 6

Soon Apple iphone 6 will be launched in the market and just like its earlier itterations people are going to found it a matter of life and death to own this all new shinny iphone version so that they can boost in front of their friends and family. In order to let you know that what actually is new and exciting in this new Apple iphone 6 is, we have compiled this post.


Apple's new 2.0GHz A8 processor will be much faster than the 1.3GHz A7 it replaces.


There are claims the new model will host a 2,100mAh battery, that's a significant improvement on the 1,560mAh battery inside the current model. Apple's control of both hardware and operating system enable its devices to use power efficiently


memory Storage is rumored to be about 128 GB

Better 4G LTE

a theoretical maximum transfer of 300 megabits per second is expected as Apple iphone 6 comes with enhanced 4G LTE

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