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Simple Ways to Protect and Fix your Cords

Simple Ways to Protect and Fix your Cords

When it comes to cables in your home, there is no respite in sight. You are always thinking which cables are going to get repaired and the others requiring replacement altogether. There can be so many reasons why your cables get damaged or snapped. One of the reasons cables snap is because you leave them unattended for a very long time. Follow these simple cable cord fixing tips to prolong their life and increase their reliability.

Apply Tubing

You may have cables chewed by some wild rat or your favorite cat. One way of protecting them from becoming an enjoyable munch for animals is by applying vinyl tubing. Use it on the most vulnerable cables regularly attacked by the animals.

Spiral Wrap Cords

Spiral wrap is another product that you can use to protect your wires. You do not need to cut tubing. A spiral wrap helps you wrap-up multiple cords together without involving any hassle.

Use Heat Sink Tubing for Encasing

The casing on the cable provides a lot of protection. If your casing has got ruined and is about to disconnect, you need to apply heat sink tubing. Apply the heat sink tubing on both ends of the casing and spread it across to both ends. Let it cool down before you put the cable back in its place and wipe out any extra silicone.

Use Pens to Avoid Fraying

You can use the ball pen’s spring to wrap it around a cord. The spring protects inside of the cable and does not let it bend beyond a certain angle. This is typically useful for cables which have a quick bend that results in cracks over time which finally breaks the cable.

Weld Cords Using Plastic

You can use special type of plastic paint on damaged part of the cable. Products like PlastiDip and Porformix can be easily used to repair cracked or frayed cords. Just apply two coats and as soon as it dries, it will be nearly as good as new.

Pass Cables through Lego Person’s Hands

Sometimes the Legos can also be used to get over with your cord problem. Lego people have perfect sized hands to hold cables. Pass the cable through a Lego Person’s hand and double tape it.

Don’t Trip on Wires

One simple way of ensuring that your cords last longer is not to put them in between a passage from where people regularly pass. Use some extra length to bend the cable over a door or under the carpet. This approach will help you make your cords last longer with lesser damage. mavi su cialis

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