Home VPN: your access to all Home based network resources -
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Home VPN: your access to all Home based network resources

Home VPN allows a common user to connect to his home based network anywhere from the world through internet. It helps the user to connect to all the devices attached with the network in his home that he is accessing through VPN. It means that you can stream media files, play games and open data files saved in your Home VPN even if not present in the vicinity of your house. Home VPN is a cool feature that helps you reach out to a secure set of files that are not carrying any risk of being exposed to viruses or potential threats of so called Public Wi-Fi hotspots. Some of the salient benefits that come with setting up of a Home VPN include:

  • Secure Network Access
  • Connection among multiple networks
  • Online privacy
  • Avoid Geoblocking
  • LAN based gaming
A home VPN can come handy for various purposes especially when used in order to connect multiple networks. You can connect network of your various colleagues and of your office with your Home VPN so that a collective network is setup which integrates all office based data. You can reach to the files just like using them on your own computer. Some of the necessities that you require for setting up a Home VPN are
  • An always turned on computer
  • Fast broadband connections
  • Specified IP address
Home VPN solutions is a handy method to not only increase the security of your equipment but also get enhanced access to your home based IT resources even if you are not present nearby. Various solutions and software are available in the market to integrate all the resource into a single VPN so that there is no difficulty to a user for creating a network of his own. Whitehats also has vast experience of setting up such Home VPN solutions for our various clients. We take into considerations all the demands of our client so that they can enjoy an amazing access to their Home network from anywhere they go.

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