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Home Streaming Media V/s Normal media

With passage of time and technological advancement, Home streaming media services are becoming more and more famous. People are deviating from conventional sources of entertainment like TV and internet to get a perfect blend of both through these streaming services. With some big names jumping into the race to capture the market like Roku, Apple, Google and Boxee, service and content is both predicted to become cheaper and refined. Home Streaming media services are becoming popular because of the following few reasons

  • Content on-demand
  • Recording Feature
  • Paying for what you see
  • Parental control features
  • Better picture quality
Experts and common users are both of the opinion that time is drawing nearer when the Home streaming services will completely take over the prevalent sources of entertainment as people strive for better quality content. Price is mentioned as major hindrance in the wide spread adoption of home streaming media but as with all other commodities, these services will also be available with cheaper price tags as more and more competition increases among the merchandises to attract more customers. Whitehats professionals carry years of experience for installation of home streaming media services in houses around Dubai and all over UAE. Without being restricted to any particular vendor, our IT engineers can mount up in service of your choice with features that you demand.

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