Home Server: Your Own Network for data sharing -
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Home Server: Your Own Network for data sharing

Home servers are an important commodity to have if you are in habit of bringing your office work in your house or in case you are a home based worker. As the name says it, a Home server is a server located within the premises of a house providing all the services of a regular server both through an interconnected network or internet. You can use Home server for various purpose within the vicinity of your house

  • Internet providers
  • Media storage & streaming
  • File Server
  • Print Server
  • Web hosting server
  • Home Automation
  • Online gaming
  • Home Security
Various other services can also be utilized on a Home server. Building up a Home server is also not a big deal. You can assemble your old PC that you now don’t use for the purpose of being used as a Home server. All it will take will be a change of OS, cabling and installation of few extra hardware according to your needs and voila! You have your own Home Server. There is a large exception for home servers as compared to commercial servers that have to connect to large number of computers. Home Server only has to connect with few computer and portable devices so their requirements of processing are very small. It means that even a cheaper server can be bought with small processing power when it comes to Home servers. A simple NAS with necessary attached accessories can help you enjoy networking with minimum possible cost. All your files, movies, pictures, music and any other digital data will not only be safely available to everyone in your house on his own preferred device and not to mention the ease of accessibility. There are small server boxes available in the market as well that can be configured to work as your home server with your favored customization. Whitehats has an IT engineering team that can install a Home server based upon the demands of our clients. Our experience in this field allows us to offer several solutions for Home based users depending upon the modus operandi of the server.

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