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Cost Effective Home Security Solutions

It is not easy to create a home anywhere in the world. The real estate prices in UAE are on the rise with demand always ahead of the short supply of properties. However, one of the key elements that we often forget is to protect our homes with adequate security systems. There are many cost effective ways in which you can protect yourself and your family from intruders and other uninvited visitors. The thieves and burglars have stepped up their tactics. They no longer steal at night but broad daylight when you are expecting them the least. Let us have a look at some of the most effective yet economized home security surveillance system.

 LED Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor Light-home security surveillance system and solutions -cctv camera installation dubai-WhitehatsSupportLED Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

When we are talking about home security, it is important to protect dark areas of your home. The LED Solar Powered Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor is the perfect device to stop the burglars from breaking into your house. It has eight bright LED lights that are activated via a motion sensor from a distance of up to 26 feet. One of the reasons for its overwhelming success over time is the fact that it has been powered by solar, conserving energy. You could use this kind of light when you do not have any power. It has received hundreds of positive reviews and one of the most value-for-money home security devices that you can ask for.

 Fake Indoor & Outdoor Security Camera with Red Light-home security surveillance system and solutions -cctv camera installation dubai-WhitehatsSupportFake Indoor & Outdoor Security Camera with Red Light

There are many things that stop burglars from breaking into one house. All these things symbolize the different deterrents that are created to help stop burglars or thieves. Fake cameras play an important role in stopping thieves from entering your home. This Fake Indoor / Outdoor Security Camera has red light that keeps blinking giving it a look as if the camera is watching every move of the potential intruders. These fake cameras are built to give a professional look, making them the real thing for the burglars. In order to further authenticate their presence, these cameras have a video cable and fake infrared night vision. The two AAA batteries make it go on for around 9 months. If you looking for best cctv camera installation Dubai for you home the whitehatssupport is best choice. 

 Solar Powered Outdoor Spotlight-home security surveillance system and solutions -cctv camera installation dubai-WhitehatsSupportSolar Powered Outdoor Spotlight

Spotlights are another way to lit up places that are otherwise difficult to reach. A solar powered outdoor spotlight may just be the right kind of home security device that you are looking for. There are many blind spots around your house that the security cameras might be covering but there is no light to see any dangerous activity there. For lighting up these places you can rely upon this solar powered outdoor spotlight. It will save you energy and ensure that you can see even the darkest of the areas.

 Danalock Bluetooth Z-Wave Smart Lock-home security surveillance system and solutions -cctv camera installation dubai-WhitehatsSupportDanalock Bluetooth Z-Wave Smart Lock

We all forget about our home keys, some more some less. The Danalock Bluetooth Z-Wave Smart Lock will help us get over that problem once and for all. The device is easy and quick to install. It allows you to open your front door using a smartphone and also give access to others regardless of how far you are away from your home. It takes only five to 10 minutes to install the device. The app for the smart lock is available for Android, iOS and many other mobile operating systems. The device has been designed to go well with any type of door design.

 Cocoon smart home security device-home security surveillance system and solutions -cctv camera installation dubai-WhitehatsSupportCocoon

Cocoon is a very smart home security device capable of doing things that other home security equipment fails to deliver. It can monitor your entire house and prevent burglars from breaking in. There are many default features that come in really handy like HD camera, motion detection, microphone, and even thermometer. There is also a loud siren that goes off if the system monitors any suspicious activity. The sub-sound system is capable of hearing the most low frequency sounds, alerting you in time to take action.


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