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Best Paid iPad Apps for 2015

There are many iPad apps available out there. This list has been created to showcase some of the best paid iPad apps that ruled most of the 2015. Join us to see which ones you used or could take advantage of in the future.

Forge iPad app  Apps for 2015-WhitehatsSupport


Artists and sketch makers would love to get their hands onto Forge. There are many walls offered within the Forge iPad app. You can use these walls that are made of sketches, photos, and notes. All these walls are related to one single project, making it easy to manage its many elements simultaneously and with ease. The app enables you to easily make more creative projects while giving you the canvas to think about the big picture. Once you start using Forge you would be able to see the different parts with their relation with the whole. You can also choose to work on different layers.

Duet Display iPad app-Best Paid Apps for 2015-WhitehatsSupport

Duet Display

Well, we have all seen those geeks who are simultaneously using two screens to work. Now, you can do that with your iPad as well. Turn your iPad into the second screen or display. This feature is particularly useful for someone who wants to use laptop for some tasks and for other the iPad. The access to all your PC features means that you would have greater flexibility in terms of usage. The app does not make your experience. Instead it is pleasantly responsive and you would not have to worry about having a jittery experience.

Enlight iPad app-Best Paid Apps for 2015-WhitehatsSupport


There are many image editors available for iPad. However, Enlight paid app brings in a lot more to users’ control. Besides the basic photo editing it packs many advanced features to take your experience further up. You can apply beautiful effects, filters, and other artistic illustrations. There is also a way to create masks and the editing does not mean that you cannot revert to the previous state. Enlight works equally effectively with small as well as high resolution images and supports different types of file formats.

Airbnb iPad app-Best Paid Apps for 2015-WhitehatsSupport


We all know the type of revolution that Airbnb has brought to the world of real estate. Earlier you could not enjoy the same kind of features on your iPad app. But now, Airbnb has revised its approach towards its iPad app. The new app makes available all the features that you need on your iPad tablet. The newly designed specially focuses on the ease of use and interactivity. Now you can find all the rentals for your vacation without any problems.

Adobe Slate ipad app-Best Paid Apps for 2015-WhitehatsSupport

Adobe Slate

Adobe like all other big software companies keeps coming up with new and amazing ideas. The Adobe Slate gives you an easy to create way by enabling you to convert all your images into a website. The app converts the images into a website telling a story. You can also use text wherever you want to. The stories can be further customized and more images can be added depending upon your own choice. The Adobe Slate can serve as a great tool for creating microsites, readily used for online marketing campaigns.

HBO Now ipad app-Best Paid Apps for 2015-WhitehatsSupport


Are you tired of your cable connection? Well, you are not alone then. The HBO Now is developed to help you do that. It now allows you to finally stream all your favorite HBO content without having the need to get a cable subscription. You can view some of the most premium content like Game of Thrones, The Wire, and Silicon Valley. View all the original HBO series on this app.

Khan Academy iPad app-Best Paid Apps for 2015-WhitehatsSupport

Khan Academy

Well, we all know how much Khan Academy has done to bring up education to the far flung areas of the world. However, many do not find the time or motivation to sit on their PCs. In order to make sure that you are able to get the same learning experience, it has built its own Khan Academy iPad app. Now, you can get all the learning and lessons you want without having the need to switch your PC or Mac on.