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About US

Whitehats is the leading IT Support Company of Dubai that gives services for Infrastructure support and IT Network. Whitehats is a member of Pharaon Group of companies, it was established in 2007 and enjoying a top position among the best supporting technological developments sectors including security solutions, support solutions and IT/Network solutions. Whitehats has team of professionals who can deal in all IT fields of today’s complicated IT world. The thing that makes whitehats different from other IT Support companies is its hardware and software coverage on wide level. Whitehats technicians support all the brands of hardware, software and operating system as well. These skills also spurs whitehats has the freedom & expertise to advise and implement what is best for the client and not being limited for particular products, systems and software. Whitehats prides itself in its innovative approach to customers support and service and vaunts a large number of UAE’s leading organizations as its clients. The company is based in the region of Middle East and has ability to fulfill the necessary needs. Whitehats professional service desk proffers peace of mind to the client for their IT support requirements. It does not matter one need Secure Remote Support solutions or looking for Network Security Solution our professionals have command on all. They can give clients all types of Unified Communication Solutions and all necessary IT infrastructure needs.