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Spyware and viruses are not just responsible for slowing down your PC, they can damage data on your storage devices. Many people would suggest you to get any free antivirus tool to clean your computer of these viruses. These free tools have limited functionality at best and can also by themselves become the cause of spreading more malware.

Do not fall for the expensive virus removal and cleaning solutions available out there. Software cannot alone help you if you do not have any expert technician assisting you in cleaning the malware. And these software packages do not necessarily apply to unique virus removal situations.


Our Approach to Virus Removal & Protection

At Whitehats we believe that a trained technician who possesses the right tools and experience can help you get rid of these annoying viruses and malware. Our technicians first assess the situation and then provide you with the virus removal service which works as per the situation. They ensure that the infection or virus impacting your PC is entirely removed and it does not have any hidden files which may reactivate it. Our service guarantees that the virus and malware will not return to your PC or Mac once our technicians have cleaned it.

When Is It The Time To Get Your PC Checked?

There are many things which should be early flagging signs that your PC or Mac is having problems. Here are a few things that you need to check for.

  • Your PC get slower than normal and it takes more than usual time for even simpler tasks like opening files, saving documents and running multiple applications simultaneously.
  • You have slower access to the internet and the browsing experience is jittery.
  • Your PC or Mac stops responding unexpectedly in the middle of something important.
  • You need to regularly restart your PC or Mac to start working again.
  • There are too many new files generated that you did not even create.
  • Some portions of the hard disk are not accessible and you cannot even format them.
  • When you are the single user and make any change to get the prompt, “you need admin access” to do that.

These are all warnings signs that your computer has slowed down and is seriously suffering from viruses. You need to urgently recognize these issues and get help. It can badly impact your computer and seriously affect your productivity. And lastly yet importantly you need to get these viruses removed from your computer to protect your precious data saved on the hard drive. Whitehats provides best virus removal and protection service in UAE, get in touch today.

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