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Installation & Deployment

Software installation and upgrade services ensure that you are systems are ready to take on the new changes. Whitehats has a team of highly capable and trained technicians who are capable of providing all kinds of software installation and upgrade services in UAE. You do not need to worry about upgrading your systems with the latest software. We also advice our customers on taking preventive measures in order to avert any untoward event like data theft, compromising of systems or other issues. Our experts rely upon the best IT tools and knowledge for upgrading your systems.

Here is how our software installation and upgrade services can help you.

  • Preventive maintenance and timely installation of required software upgrades ensures the costs are kept under control.
  • We sign cost effective annual maintenance contracts with customers to guarantee 24/7 support.
  • Our software solutions also include backup for data and facility to host emails.
  • Upgrade to your old PCs to give them a new life and greater utility.
  • Extended support to overcome all kinds of IT and networking issues.
  • Test for compatibility of new software to ensure you do not have any problems once the system has been upgraded.

Tips to Choosing Right Software Installation & Upgrade Service

When you are choosing to find a service which would help your company with the installation and upgrade, please be selective. Here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind in order to be on the safer side.

  • Always look for a team that is experienced. At Whitehats we only hire the most experienced technicians who have been doing their job for years. An inexperienced IT support team can do a lot of damage to your business. Trust only the ones who know their job really well and are capable of delivering on their promise.
  • When you are hiring software installation and upgrade service in UAE, always communicate clearly the level of expectations that you have from them. This will help you understand before the actual work has started that they are capable of providing the level of service you expect from them or not.
  • Let the IT team know about your main business and how information technology supports it. This would help them know the importance of IT in your enterprise and the processes that it facilitates. It is important to let them understand the relationship well enough to proceed accordingly.
  • Compare the prices with other vendors before finalizing any particular service. Experienced IT teams do charge more but their prices should not be astronomically higher when compared to the market.
  • Lastly yet importantly when you have selected a vendor, make a note of all the software installations and upgrade they will perform.

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