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Infrastructural Support

Do you want to shift your internet connection or looking for internet installation? Do you need any types of router installation or want wireless installation meet Whitehats team. Our skilled team can do all types of Internet installation so may you can enjoy internet in best mood.

All inclusive

Installation of all types of wireless routers, splitter/filter

Configuration of the internet setup on your computer, laptops, mobiles and smartphones. Desktops & laptops using the operating systems Microsoft Windows 2008, Mac OS and XP.

Setting up an email address in your required email-program (Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express).


Types of Internet Connections we Support

  • Satellite/Wireless Connection
  • Dial Up Connection
  • ISDN
  • Cable Modems
  • DSL
  • Leaselines
  • ADSL
  • Broadband
  • 3G

Featured Packages


Whitehats is a platform for home users where they can get any type of IT support services at their door step which includes MS Windows PC/Apple/MAC Support, Home surveillance.

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