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For many years computer networking have existed in corporates but with the need of recent times that networks have become popular in the home. At the turn of century people are inquiring for their own home network setup, knowing this need of home users whitehats decided to give comfort to home users, we provide home networking services at all places whether this is a villa or a single room.

Whitehats Network Services Include:

  • Come to your house according to appointed time.
  • Configure the network or broadband switch to share the internet connection. Home users need to supply the credentials for the Internet Service Provider.
  • Configure 4 types of devices for home network usage including desktop Computers, Printers, Broadband routers and laptops.
  • Give all details of the security settings and network to for home users ease
  • Enable Device Passwords.

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Whitehats is a platform for home users where they can get any type of IT support services at their door step which includes MS Windows PC/Apple/MAC Support, Home surveillance.

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