Sometimes data loss from your email servers is really a mess as it influences your business on wide level. When mission-critical data in such systems becomes unreachable just because of hardware failure, data corruption or some unnecessary attacks it really affects and stop working of users. If you are a home user and need to recover data from Oracle database, information store, MySQL database, SQL Server or Exchange Server must do trust upon the Whitehats Data Recovery experts, securely and accurately support you for data restoration, it doesn’t matter how multifaceted your storage systems may be. The expert team can deploy on-site around the clock for mission-critical cataclysm recovery solutions.

E-mail Recovery

Whitehats offers data recovery services for retrieving lost, deleted or damaged email files virtually from any e-mail system. Our team of experts uses the most advanced tools and techniques for restoration, recover email and email retrieving. Moreover as a part of our standard service whitehats facilitate with a diagnostic report of the recoverable data, permitting user to finalize an informed decision prior buying a real recovery.  We serve you with an authorized email recovery; on can easily use the Ontrack Online Customer Portal to look the working progress in real time.

What We Recover?

  • E-mail & Mail Server Recovery Solutions
  • Whitehats Ontrack solutions for email recovery cover users day to day lost data. The most regular data recovery services are as:
  • Recovering sensitive data
  • Recovering highly valuable data ensuing an Exchange Server crash, hard drive failure or relative mechanical system issues
  • Recovering specific email
  • Recovering data/emails from failed hard drives, or other mechanical system problem

Data Recovery

Being an industry leader, Whitehats provides state-of-the-art data retrieving services as well as data recovery software. Our IT engineers can recover from all kinds of missing, corrupt, deleted and unreachable data harmed instantly and safely, can give you backup in no time.

What we recover?

  • Different kinds of files and operating systems
  • Any server, virtual device, laptop, RAID, mobile, desktop and network
  • Different kinds of operating systems and files as well
  • All reasons of data loss

Physical, virtual and cloud

Featured Packages


Whitehats is a platform for home users where they can get any type of IT support services at their door step which includes MS Windows PC/Apple/MAC Support, Home surveillance.

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