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When you require reliable IT support in UAE, Whitehats is the best option available. Our service takes care of all the issues faced by your organization including removal of malicious software, cleaning viruses, management of software installations, and upgrading operating systems. Whitehats offers comprehensive IT coverage extended to the office as well as home users. Our home based PC users have grown tremendously owing to excellent quality of customer service. Modern business organizations which regularly use internet for the regular discourse of business activities need to have solid protection against all kinds of virus and other software. Here are the benefits that you will derive when relying upon Whitehat’s antivirus service.

Removal of Spyware and Protection Against Identity Theft

Spyware is one of the most dangerous types of software. It is designed to directly infect your PC or any other device. The aim of the spyware developer is to sneak into your PC’s protected areas and steal confidential information of sensitive nature. There can be countless reasons why this happens to companies. Some companies use tools of corporate espionage to get business intelligence for information otherwise publicly inaccessible. The level of sophistication can vary but still they can be very dangerous for you as an individual or as a business owner. We help you protect yourself and your business against all such kinds of spyware by installing them on your PC and other devices.

Protection from Viruses

Virus attack computers like nothing else and are capable of doing all kinds of damage. The types of viruses may vary but their intent is always to harm your software and hardware resources. A lethal virus can seriously impact the network of computers installed on your business premises. There are many ways through which a virus gets to your PC. Some of the typical ways include downloading and opening suspicious files, installing a free application, or visiting a suspicious website. Whitehats IT support team has experts with years of experience managing networks and ensuring ultimate virus protection. We evaluate the situation and accordingly deploy the best in-class anti-virus software which would ensure protection for your PC. Are you looking for antivirus support in Dubai? Look no more, Whitehats IT support team is here to help you out.

No Spam

Well the extent to which spam can be detrimental may be subject to argument but there is no denying of the fact that it is very annoying. Spam clogs the networks, slows down PCs and can become unstoppable. This is where Whitehats support team steps in. Our spam management experts know all the types of spams impacting your business. We identify the issue and install tools which would stop spam for good. Some spam may also contain viruses which is why you should not take spam that lightly. We have in our arsenal plethora of anti-spam tools which can be used to protect your business. Let us help you deploy the right anti-spam tools to get rid of this IT menace once and for all.

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Whitehats is a platform for home users where they can get any type of IT support services at their door step which includes MS Windows PC/Apple/MAC Support, Home surveillance.

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