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Steps to secure your Home Wireless Network

Home Wireless network security should be taken seriously as not only can it result into someone else using your network but can also lead to a probable hacking of your network and all the devices attached with it. Home Wireless Network is an amazing facility of modern day world of communications which allows portability of the network and network attached resource from any part of the house. Here are some tips that you should make use of in order to make that usage of your Home Wireless Network more handy. Position of your Router Now this is the most basic factor that adds to the security of your home Wireless Network security. Try to place the router away from the Window or the wall of adjacent apartment. Place it somewhere in the middle of the house so that seepage of wireless signals can be reduced. Change SSID Wireless routers have a dedicated SSID which can be taken as a network name. Router manufacturers ship these routers with default SSID. Although it cannot directly provide an access to your network but it can lead the path to your network. Change it immediately otherwise once some of your neighbors come to know that you have not even changed your SSID he will presume that you are lazy enough to even have a proper security for your network Check Device List Now most of the routers come in with an in-built feature according to which you can see all the devices connected with your network in the form of a list. Some of them show only the MAC address and client’s IP while others may go on to show that what kind of device it is. Now in case you see some “intruder” into your network you can simply kick him out. There are also many other steps that can be take in order to secure the Wireless Network installed at your home. Some of them include

  • Change the default password
  • Static IP addresses to devices
  • MAC address filtering
  • Setup Firewalls
Whitehats carries extensive experience in providing Home Wireless Network security to many household in Dubai and all around UAE. We can provide you with solutions in order to secure the network communications in your house so that not only use is done by authorized users but to also ensure that there is no network breech.