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Personal Cloud Storage

Our Personal cloud storage and backup service is one stop- solution for managing your personal and professional data. With easy to use interface you get highly reliable and centralized data backup that lets you store everything at once place, making it available to access from anywhere.

Our personal cloud storage has following distinguish features.

  • Device independent data storage:  With cloud storage service all of your data either documents, photos, videos, presentations, or other applications will be stored on the cloud that will be device free that means you don’t have to own any storage device to get it stored.
  • Continuous incremental backup: With our personal cloud data storage services, any changes that you make to your files stored in the cloud are continuously saved through incremental backup function.
  • Encrypted Data Transfer: All of your data transfer from cloud to your computer is protected through using SSL encryption that is industry standard for secure data transfer through the internet.
  • Anytime Data Recovery: With our personal cloud storage services, your data will never be lost, at any point of time; whenever you needed you can recover any data stored in the past.
  • Access Data from Anywhere: Your data in the cloud is accessible from anywhere; you just need to have an internet connection. Just log in to your account through a web browser and start backing up and recovering your data immediately.
  • Any OS and Machine Compatibility: You can enjoy cross-platform compatibility with our personal cloud backup services. Either you access your data from a PC, Mac, IPAD or Android phone it lets you store and recover data quickly. 
  • Mobile Device compatibility: With our personal cloud service, you can view, edit, sync, or share your data through any of your smartphone or mobile devices.
  • Automatic File Synch: All of your data in files, folders across multiple devices becomes automatically synchronized, so it becomes available everywhere. So you can start editing your file at your office with Windows PC and keep on working on your home PC with Mac operating system without any problem. 
  • File Sync that maps to existing file:  Any of your folder containing documents, data or any other files can synch to another computer or device`s file structure without a problem.
  • Share any file of any size with others:  With personal cloud data storage service, you can share your files or any size and data with your family and friends with a simple They will be able to download that file easily.

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