House Surveillance - CCTV Camera Installation Dubai, UAE

Do you spend many hours outside? Are you worried about your home? Do you want to see your kids’ activities by sitting at your home or want to keep an eye upon your servants then install security cameras at your home. Whitehats can help you in this regard; we have team of experts who knows very well how to install CCTV cameras, dome cameras, IP/Network cameras, day/night cameras and many others that you want. You can access your cameras from anywhere with any device whether it is a smartphone, laptop or any other device you are using.

Why Whitehats Home Surveillance the only security package that is good enough for you?

  • Home surveillance permits users to place together the security plan users need. Our package includes both equipment and several service options.
  • You can get both types of home surveillance equipment including wireless and conventional too. Wireless security devices are the best solution for those who don’t want to do wiring themselves or where there is no possibility to install cables in walls for sensors.
  • Whitehats experts also guide you how to manage home surveillance through e-service; with e-service you can retrieve your home security information whenever you need it.

Out of Sight is never Out of Mind.

Our home surveillance security solution provides a reliable way to protect your home or any other property. All our CCTV cameras that we install at your place as per your requirements are designed around latest and most sophisticated technology. Our CCTV cameras come with user-friendly applications that allow you to access your camera from internet or mobile. Therefore it can help you in protection of your home by working as virtual security guard anywhere anytime.

Our Web-based IP cameras provide ultimate solutions for the people who need to access their CCTV cameras from mobile. While you away or traveling you can keep an eye on your property or in case you’re an entrepreneur you can view your employees working in an office or shot.

Therefore it is complete solution for all your office and home monitoring needs.

With our home Surveillance Security solutions, you can expect following benefits. 

  • 24/7 online access to watch your property.
  • Latest Wireless CCTV Systems
  • Easy to setup.
  • High-Quality
  • Affordable Price.
  • After Sale service provided.

Keep a watchful eye on your Property.

At Whitehats, we have years of experience in installing CCTV camera, Once you call us, Our experienced team of CCTV technicians will visit at your place, will conduct a survey at your place and will suggest a suitable place to fix cameras. You even don’t need to figure out what cameras you need; Our experts will suggest you most appropriate CCTV system according to your specific needs. All of our home surveillance packages includes cameras as well. Therefore, you pay at once, and everything else is looked after by our team of experienced CCTV technicians. With all these features on offer, our packages are most affordable in the town.

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