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Data Cabling and Network Cabling

Whitehtas support offers highly reliable network, CCTV, Telephone or VoIP cabling services. Tailored to your specific needs our highly experienced and skilled technicians will visit your place and will setup CCTV, VoIP, telephone, or network cabling for your home use.

  • Telephone Cabling and Outlets. Either you are looking for set up new telephone connections or want to upgrade or repair existing telephonic system at your home, our one-stop infrastructure cabling service is highly efficient and reliable way of getting your telephone system working.
  • Certified Equipment and Cabling:  With our cabling services you don’t have to worry about buying wires and other equipment from the market we will use highly reliable certified cables and other equipment that will deliver you fastest data transfer rate with lowest error rate.
  • CCTV & Security Cameras Cabling & Installation:  If you want to install CCTV & Security cameras at your home and looking for reliable services which can set it up for you then you must contact us. You have already purchased CCTV cameras from the market, or you want to bring it for you, we offer a complete solution that includes equipment, cabling, and installation in single price.
  • VOIP Connections & Setup:  Use of internet for making calls is becoming popular. You can also get the advantage of a cheap voice call through the internet. If you are looking for VOIP setup and cabling, then you must contact us for highly reliable service.
  • Telephone/CCTV system relocation: If you already have full functional telephone or CCTV system and want to another place, then we can help you with the whole process from removing this equipment and cabling from one place and setting it up at the new.
  • Installation of Telephone Systems. We provide highly efficient new and old telephone cabling and installation services. Our technicians will make sure you can use your telephone from any place in your home. Our technicians are handling complete cabling of the telephone system.

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Whitehats is a platform for home users where they can get any type of IT support services at their door step which includes MS Windows PC/Apple/MAC Support, Home surveillance.

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