Tips to Repair and Recover Word files | Data Recovery Service in Dubai
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How To Repair and Recover Word Files?

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While whitehats support specializes in data recovery from hard drive or any other type of storage devices, our computer support engineers can recover most of your files when they are lost due to any reason.  As computer users in Dubai, UAE, mostly use Microsoft office especially word files to work on their documents, we commonly get requests from users to recover corrupted or word files that were not save properly. We try our best to help them in retrieving lost word data recovery service in dubai is essential

This blog post is meant to help you to recover word files at your own, if not we are always just a phone call away for any type of home computer support service in dubai.
Let`s have a look how we can recover lost word documents or files?

Troubleshooting Word files

You should try these things before calling for professional IT support help for data recovery.
Try another Word document.  
The first thing is try to access another word file, if you are able to open that file then there is problem with only this file not the application. In case you cannot open it, it is the whole word application at fault, not an issue with your file.
Open the document in another instance.
Sometimes simply trying to open the file at other computer might work. You can send your file to your colleague and ask him opening the file from his computer. it will be better if your friend has similar or latest version of Microsoft office as trying to open it in earlier version might simply not work due to compatibility issues.
Open the document in another office application.
Another way of troubleshooting your document can be to try opening document in another office application. For example there are many other applications that can read word file. You may try Good Docs and Libre office that are among free applications available for such purpose.

Save the file in a different format.

You may also try saving the file in different format as it might work as well. Click on save as button in main menu that will prompt for the location and format type to save the file. You should save as by selecting “Rich Text Format”.  Once saved in rtf format, you should try to open the document using .rtf rather than .doc. You can do it by right clicking the document, from options click on open with and select the open using .rft rather .doc. it some cases it will clear the formatting word may add to the file due to which corruption might occur. If you are able to open the file repeat all steps and no save it as .doc file and open it again.
See if Word can recover the data. Another way of recovering you file can be try opening it in the word, if you can open the word, navigate to open word, browse to select the file type in the bottom right corner and then select recover text from any file with this sign (*). By using this method it will try recovering and rebuilding the file into something understandable. The file recovered will be in raw text without any format however once text is recovered you can easily format it as you like.

What if nothing works?

In case nothing works for you, it is time to get professional help. You can call whitehats support data recovery service in Dubai for help. we have range of tools and techniques to help you recover your documents and data.

Thank you for reading Whitehats Support Blog, if you need any help regarding computer repair, Mac repair, need data recovery services, We are just a phone call away. mavi su cialis

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