Wired Vs. Wireless CCTV cameras. Which one you should choose?
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Wired Vs. Wireless CCTV cameras. Which one you should choose?

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  Home is the place where everyone should fully feel safe and enjoy the company of family and friends.We always want to have an environment where there is a sense of peace away from threats and dangerous situations. Installation of home security camera system is the way to feel safer at home. When it comes to installation of home CCTV cameras, you may need to make series of choices. One of such important choice may be to decide between Wired CCTV cameras and Wireless CCTV camera. Here are the main differences between Wired and Wireless Security Cameras that will help you to make the right choice.


One of main difference is installation process that differs significantly for wired and wireless CCTV systems. A wired system is always hardwired throughout whole property where each camera is connected to the central monitoring or recording device.  That means you will have to do hardwiring drilling throughout the walls and ceilings. You will have to climb and thread down the walls.  As it may be difficult and require professional experience to do you should never try it doing yourself. Therefore, it is better you leave it for professional installers. On the other hand, wireless cameras, that are the most common type of cameras used for home surveillance purposes are quick and easy to install. The connection of wireless cameras is established through radio waves. However, they may require a power outlet to provide electricity connection to it. If you don’t want to provide electrical connections through power outlet then other option may be to battery power wireless CCTV cameras it can be expensive and you will have to change their batteries after some time.


Although camera and other equipment costs associated with wireless system is higher than the wired CCTV system.  But since you cannot install wired system without professional help, it significantly increases the overall costs associated with equipment and installation for the wired system. One way to reduce these costs is that to subscribe for security monitoring services this can save you hundreds of dollars in terms of installation costs. With such services, the cost may go down as much as 375 AED per installation for any type of camera you choose. If we talk about actual costs then normally closed circuit system with professional installation may cost you around 1200 AED per camera.

Electricity and Wires.

Most wired CCTV systems have a battery backup that they use in case of power outage. If you have the plan to connect your wireless cameras with home wiring system then it is still important that you install power batteries so they can work all the times without any interruption.  This can be simple lithium batteries that are long-lasting as well eco-friendly. Each camera connected through hardwiring receives power through electrical wiring, therefore, it does not necessarily require to be near the power outlet.  If you can use your invisible wiring that runs through walls for this purpose then it looks good however, it might be difficult if you already have wiring that does not include cables for CCTV cameras

Type of Home.

A wired system of security cameras can be used in very large homes and therefore can be used in flexible environments. However on the other hand wireless cameras can only be installed within your wireless router range. If you have a bigger home then the range of Wireless router can be extended through wireless signal extender that will improve the signals of broadband.

Ease of Use.

In terms of ease of use wireless camera system is more user-friendly then wired system because it is easy to setup and can be connected to the internet.  If you use wireless security camera then you may access through mobile and change its direction as well.  In addition to that, you can zoom, tilt, and pan it from a remote location as well. You may not get all these features in the wired security camera.

Audio and Video Quality.

In the past Wireless security cameras offered better video and audio quality, however, now the resolution of wired cameras has also improved and is not only equal but better than wireless security camera depending on its specifications. In terms of picture quality, there are two types of cameras available analog and digital. Analogue cameras resolution is measured in TVL or number pixel horizontal and vertical for example a high-resolution analog camera can be 700 TVL or 960H x 480W. While on the other hand digital cameras resolution is measured in Megapixels. For example, a digital camera might 5 or 10 MP etc. Always remember the higher the pixel means the better the quality of image.

Signal Interference and Risk of Hacking.

Another important factor that should be considered is signal interference that may become a problem. As signals of wired cameras pass through wires therefore only interference can be cutting of wires. On the other hand in case of wireless cameras, the signals interference can be due to jammers, radios or any other devices that generate signals. This may disrupt the function of wireless CCTV camera. There can also be a risk of hacking through the internet that is a high possibility with wireless CCTV system. Hackers can gain control over CCTV cameras through Wi-Fi. Therefore, users must change their passwords occasionally in order protect it from unauthorized access.
Remember, the use of Wired CCTV cameras is on the decline and people are turning to Wireless Cameras due to their better features like access through computer and mobile. Therefore, you should consider this issue while making a choice.
If you are looking CCTV cameras installation service provider in Dubai then you can contact us our experts for advice and cost estimation.

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