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Windows 10 “Best Features, Tips and Tricks”.

Windows 10 is the operating system that has evolving nature, it means Microsoft constantly improving it and adding new features. There are few powerful features that are designed to improve the PC usage experience for everyday users.  These features are developed around modern technology. That is another reason to get Windows 10 upgrade. However, For ordinary home users, it may be difficult and they will need the help with IT support service to get their PC upgraded to windows 10.

Here are some of the most useful tweaks, tricks, and tips that you will find on Windows.

Ransomware Protection.

As ransomware attacks are growing, Windows 10 has introduced new features in it. It is basic level protection that is designed to protect your files and folders from unauthorized changes from any application. The Controlled Folder Access feature in Windows 10 by default protects your documents, pictures, movies and desktop folders with the option to block other folders as per your choice too.

Deep PC & Phone Integration.

Microsoft very recently has released Windows 10 fall creators update that includes a great feature that allows you to push websites and files from your phone to your PC.  In addition to that, you can also view your text messages on your PC, reply them from the windows, or use your phone to sign into windows instead of a password.

Dynamic Lock.

Windows 10 has a dynamic lock features that can be used to pair your PC with your phone over Bluetooth. It automatically locks your computer as you go away from it. You can pair these two devices by going into control panel, then click on Hardware and sound, and then devices and printer. In this section, you can activate dynamic lock by going into setting to account and then sign in options.

Gaming Bar.

If you like playing games on your PC then Windows 10 has introduced a new feature for you that is Game Bar. It can be accessed by pressing Windows +G in game. This bar has the ability to improve performance on systems with limited resources. In addition to that this bar is also handy to record video of an app. Windows 10 comes with dedicated gaming section in its start menu settings with options that support connected Xbox for networking and parenting permission control.

One Drive Files on Demand.

With this features all the files that you have backed in Windows 10 are visible and viewable in a folder on our PC. These files are not actually on your pc but accessed through cloud storage online. it shows shortcuts through synchronization. However, you can choose any files and folders to make available locally.

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Storage Sense.

Windows10 come with a utility called storage that ca combat temporary internet and junk files that quietly fill on your pc with you even realizing it. It can be accessed by going into the system and then storage, enabling this option to have automatically cleared any unneeded files automatically.

Mixed Reality.

Windows 10 recent creator`s update has Mixed Reality feature that is designed to be used with “Windows Mixed Reality headsets” but you can still benefit from it if you don’t have this headset.  This allows you to drag digital 3d objects that you have created in Paint 3D app in action. It`s not augmented reality but its closer to the experience similar to mixed reality.

Spatial Sound.

This feature offers virtual surround sound format that can turn your audio like coming from your headset feel a lot more lush and atmospheric. However, the quality of sound will depend on the quality of equipment that you are using and how much sense it is towards audio cues. You can activate Windows Sonic by right-clicking on the speaker icon on right-hand side taskbar and then select Spatial Sound (none). It will open the window, here you will have to click the drop-down menu and select Windows Sonic for headphone.

Powerful Natural Language Search.

Windows 10 includes Cortana that can handle almost every type of commands that you give using natural language such as play music, create reminders, show weather update or even some random facts for you. However, most powerful elements of it revolve around basic search capabilities. Just give Cortana basic commands like find pictures from June or Find documents with Windows 10 and it will apply appropriate filters on search results. You can enable Cortana on windows lock screen and start using voice commands to view and edit your schedule at glance.

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