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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Computer is Slow & How to Fix it?

  Computer sluggishness is the most common problem that is faced by PC users often.  It not only makes it hard for you to use a computer but also results in the waste of time. In Many ways, it is a sign of an underlying problem that is resulting in a slowdown of machines. Some of these problems can be resolved easy while for others you will need professional help. Any IT support company that offers installation and deployment services can assist you in resolving these problems. Here are top four reasons why your computer is becoming sluggish.

  • Too Many Browser Add-ons. The first reason can be that your computer Browser has too many add-ons installed in it. You may keep on installing a new one to streamline your work because these add-ons provide you easy access to utilities that you use often. However, your Brower may become slower as this add-on will be utilizing the browser resources. In addition to that These add on the increase the loading time of browser significantly. You must avoid installing unnecessary browser add-ons.
  • Your Hard Drive is not working properly.In case your computer Hard Drive has bad sectors in it, or not optimized for better performance, loaded with too much data with no extra space in it, it may result significantly reducing the speed of your computer. Although you can optimize its speed and remove bad sector but in case it has too many bad sectors in it the ultimate solution is to replace your hard drive. It`s a good idea to seek professional help from IT support company that offers hardware and media support service.
  • Not Deleting Temporary Internet Files. The more and more website is using cookies to track down online activities, that is part of Internet usage, while your browser also download many temporary files from the internet to make your website usage experience better. With the time these files become so heavy that it results in the slow speed of the browser. You must check and remove temporary files after every few days.
  • You PC need the Memory upgrade. Ordinary PCs are not designed to process large applications and software that include games, media, Pictures and other files full of graphics that require a computer to have higher RAM. In case your RAM is not sufficient, it will result in a slowdown of your computer. To upgrade your RAM you will help from professional IT Support services as you will not be able to do it yourself.
  • Your Computer is running with a reboot for a long time. One of the reasons your computer might be running slow is that it has not been restarted for quite a long time. By using hibernate or standby option you can keep your computer running for long period of time without restart however a computer may get slow due to it. A fresh restart can give it fresh start and applications may start responding again quickly. So if your computer is not restarted for few days, save your work and restart it to get it back working it in high speed.
  • No enough free Hard Disk space. Your computer may be running with less hard drive disk space.  An operating system may need some extra space on hard drive to function properly. The space that it has already covered on the hard drive through its system files is the separate issue, however, more the space you have on hard drive especially on system drive the better the performance would be.  If you look a system drive color turning red is the sign that you need to free up some disk space for your computer to work properly.
  • Your Computer has Virus or Malware Infection. In many cases, Virus and Malware infection may also slow down your computer. You should check it for the signs of your computer virus through Antivirus. Malware may also be one of the biggest culprits, therefore; you must have a look at your browser or unwanted windows popup that may the biggest sign of your computer is infected with virus or malware.
  • Hardware Conflicts and outdated drivers. A Hardware conflict occurs when two devices in your computer try to use same processes resources such as IRQ or memory address then it may result in an error where either one it will be able to function properly. For Example in case, a hardware device in your computer has a similar Input-output part as other devices that can result in hardware conflicts. Nowadays hardware conflicts errors are not very common due to extended use of plug and play devices that makes installation of hardware easier. In addition to that outdated hardware may also cause problems. In many ways, hardware drive will automatically update, if not then you must do it manually.
  • Computer or processor is overheating.   Your computer processor is one of the hottest components of your computer that is why every computer is equipped with Fan that throughout heat created by CPU. It is important that the temperature of your computer remain within limits. However, it highly depends on the way you use the computer. You must always remember not to place your computer at very hot space or Laptop on bed sheet where there no ventilation left to through heat out.  Many times your computer may overheat due to excessive usage that may cause your computer to slow down.  In order to identify the temperature of your pc, you must check the computer setup and don’t forget to check if fan inside your laptop is working properly. Heat may even cause your computer components to meltdown.
If your computer is running slowly and you cannot find out the cause, then you must call professional IT support in Dubai at +971 4 33 82 500. mavi su cialis

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