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3 Ways of Backing Up Your PC’s Data.

Have you ever thought of losing your PC? The first thing that will come into your mind is not the loss of a machine but important files that you have stored on it. Unless you have a data backup, you are prone to data loss due to many different reasons that include, theft, PC/hard drive crash, and viruses/ransomware etc. In other words, you are just a disaster away from losing it. If you think your data is of any importance then you must never ignore keeping the backup copies of your data or be ready to suffer like many others who have already faced such need to learn tips for PC data backup . Generally, you will have to either take data backup locally or get personal cloud storage service that will store your data offsite.

Here, we have discussed different data backup options available to you.
  • Understanding the Different Drives.

Before, we discuss, it is a good idea to clarify the difference between data backup stored on local PC or data that is stored on a network drive. This article is mainly focused on individual PC data backup only. That is rather easy to be done with the help of different solutions discussed here. Data storage on the enterprise network and its backup require more complex solutions. It is also important to note that, just because you have a backup solution in place for company`s network, does not necessarily mean that it simultaneously backing up data stored locally on your PC. That is why it even becomes more important that individual PC data is fully backed up as well. In case you have already lost your data due to any such reasons and need help recover it. You can contact Whitehats Support, our data recovery service in Dubai is designed to help you with it.
  • PC Backup Option 1: Removable Media.

Use of removable media for backing up is one of the most popular methods. It involves data backup and storage on external hard drives such as USB memory cards.  The amount of data that you may store on it may be limited; therefore you may not be able to store heavy applications on it depending on the type of data that you store on PC. To manually back up your computer files using removable media, you must follow these steps.
  • From Start – my computer- the drive where your files are stored.
  • Open-Users folder and then open the user folder containing files that you want to backup.
  • Copy all necessary folders- to removable media.
Please note.  You can follow the same method to manually backing up your computer files to network storage if it is connected to a network. Need assistance regarding data backup? Call Whitehats Support at +97143382500 and talk to our representative.  
  • PC Backup Option 2: Data Backup Software.

If you don’t want to back up your folders and files on removable drives then you may also use data backup software. There are many data backup software available online that can be used for this purpose. For example veem, Comodo, cobian, backup maker etc. if any things go wrong with your data, you can quickly recover it by using this software. You will simply have to search this software online, download them and install to start getting your data backup. Few of them offer great functionalities and benefits. You will need to go through them yourself and find out which one works best for you.
  • PC Backup Option 3: Personal Cloud Storage.

One of best and highly reliable way of data back your PC is via the cloud. The biggest advantage of having personal cloud data backup is that your data is located offsite and in case something happens to a physical location or removable media, your data remains intact. In addition to that personal cloud storage also eliminates any risk of data stolen or misplacement that can happen easily with removable media storage devices such as USB drive or external hard drive. With personal cloud storage service, you will have access to your data from anywhere any time through an internet connection.

Looking for personal cloud storage in Dubai? Call Whitehats Support at +97143382500 for further assistance. mavi su cialis

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