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5 types of Malware you need protection from.

One of most common issue that we see in computers every day is computer viruses, malware infections and adware problems that results in data loss or operating system corruption. Often when people call our IT support service, the damage has already been done, and we usually don’t have any other option but to wipe the computer data from hard drive and rebuild the computer. It also means you may have to face inconvenience of losing your data as in some cases if you have malware attacks you may not be able to recover it. Therefore you always suggest our customers to act timely take all the precautionary measure and install antivirus/malware in your computer to avoid any such situations. Our Antivirus support services are designed to cater all your needs to protect your devices from viruses and malwares. Many of such virus and malware attacks are preventable and you just need few simple precautions to avoid them.

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At Whitehats support, we also believe that our customers should also be able to recognize different types of  malwares so they can protect their computers from it. Here we have discussed different types of viruses that you may infect your computer.
  • Spyware

As clear from its name, the spyware is small utility that spy on your computer, collects information and then send it back to its creator. This data collected or recorded can be based on anything from passwords to personal information, login details, browsing activity, history and much more. All such information/data can be sold at deep web, where it is worth many dollars. It can be spread through many ways, infected programs that you may download from internet, infected mobile apps, websites, etc. They may download your ransomware at your computer.
  • Malware

A malware is any utility that is programmed with malicious intend. These may act like anything like spyware, ransomware while automatically downloading viruses on your computer. Malwares are also spread in same way as spyware like computer programs, applications and websites etc.  Malwares has ability to disrupt damage or gain authorized access to your computer systems.
  • Adware.

Adware are designed to show advertisements in different forms, either popup, browsers add on, or within other programs. It is commonly seen that majority of such adverts are fake, illegitimate or scam. These does not directly damage your computer but may significantly slow down your computer. It may also  in worst cases can hijack your web browser taking redirected your search or browser to specific website. These are also downloaded with infected programs and websites.
  • RootKit

One of the most annoying malware ever created, it is the type of virus that remains undetected even with many antivirus software. They may lock your out from accessing operating system; ransom ware might be embedded with them. These may also wipe up your data from hard drive or corrupt them making unavailable for use. These are spread through free software, applications, programs and downloadable files.
  • Ransomware

As it is clear from the name the ransomware means it holds your data hostage and only allow you access after you pay ransom to the creators.  It works by infecting your computer, lock down entire hard drive and ask you to send them payment via BitCoin. Once you pay them, sometimes they give you a code to unlock your computer and sometimes you still cannot unlock it despite paying ransome. It is usually spread through infected files and websites.

How to Avoid all these types of Malware?

It is all about safe internet using behavior, and you may avoid almost all types of viruses. However, we are all human and can make mistakes by downloading infected files. First thing you should do is install best antivirus and antimalware possible for your computer. We suggest not to open any websites that are infected. In most cases, your browser will warn you by detected any such websites, or even for downloading any files. Don’t download any files that you don’t need and you are not aware of it. This also includes clicking on the link that is sent to your through emails. You must not open files sent through emails from unknown senders or emails. It is also important that you always backup your data for easier recovery at later time. Y
You may contact us and ask for virus removal service if your computer is already infected or if you need antivirus and antimalware software then ask for antivirus support service. in addition to that we also offer personal cloud storage service in Dubai.
We thank you for reading our blog, if you need any help regarding computer repair or data recovery in dubai. Then you can call us at +971 4 33 82 500 for assistance.

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