Computer Security Tips for Home Users Dubai, UAE
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Top 7 Computer Security Tips for Home Users.

I det sjældne tilfælde du har en smertefuld eller forlænget erektion, der varer 4 timer eller længere, så stop med at tage stoffet og få lægelig hjælp med det samme, ellers kan permanente problemer opstå. Tadalafil går simpelthen ind og hæmmer enzymet, som er et stof mænd danner, der svækker evnen til at føre blod til penissen.

Now a day we hear too much that security is the top concern.  We also hear it every day that we should protect our computers and networks from hackers. Either we are home users or a small company the threat to sensitive information has always been the biggest concern. Many of us unknowingly download applications or files that result in losing our data. As a personalized computer support service in Dubai, we occasionally come across such cases where home users and small businesses have no idea how to deal with this issue There can be many good tips on securing on your computer from hackers and viruses. However, there is one thing to remember securing your computer from hackers is not much difficult. Perhaps with little or no costs, you can protect your computer from most threats. I am not talking about Microsoft security essentials that come built in with windows. There are many best practices that you should be following. In case you believe Microsoft essential can provide adequate security I tend to disagree with you. You can use it but it is not good enough to provide you reasonable level of data security.
Here is what you can do to protect your computer against most common computer security related threats.
  1. Patch, Patch, Patch.

One of the most important and often forgotten computer security tips is always patched your computer with latest operating system update. It`s always better to set up computer for an automatic update so don’t forget it at a later stage. It is important because most of the viruses and malware use known operating system vulnerabilities that can be managed with latest updates and patches installed.
  1. Install Protection Software.

Protection software like firewalls, antiviruses and malwares scanners and removers are essential.
A Firewall Software Application. A firewall is software that keeps a check on incoming and outgoing traffic.
Anti-Virus.  This software provides protection against common viruses and Trojans on a runtime basis.
Malware scanner and remover. This software helps fight common malware attacks which try to highjack web browsers and create many other problems.

Don’t have Antivirus installed in your PC? Got virus in your PC? Call Whitehats personalized computer support service in Dubai for virus removal and protection service in Dubai.
  1. Always Choose Strong Passwords.

Unfortunately, a strong password does not necessary is the one that you can remember easily but the one that has the good combination of letters, numbers and special characters.  Therefore in addition to easy to remember you should try to choose a strong password to protect your computer from unauthorized access.
  1. Backup on a Regular Basis.

 One thing you should always remember is that despite everything you may still get problems, your hard drive may corrupt, your system may stop working or you may get ransomware infection any time. However, if you have a habit of taking backups on regular basis you may easily recover from problems. You may choose personal cloud storage to upload your data into the systems that are far away from your geographical location or simply make an image file of the operating system and store it on a USB drive to recover it at the later time.
  1. Know Which Links Are Safe to Click in Emails.

You may have already heard about it that never open the email and click the links from unknown people. But in reality, you may even receive links and Trojans from your friends even without knowing their email is being used to send phishing email. Therefore the only way to protect your self is to learning which email is phishing and which is not? With the little investigation, you may learn about it from the internet.
  1. Be Careful About Programs You Download and Run (and Stop Pirating Software).

This may seem obvious, and you may think you always follow this advice but in reality, many of the windows malware enter your PC from the programs that you download on your PC. You must not download pirated software and install only software that you require most. Installing unnecessary software may also put you at increased risk of hacking.
  1. Don’t Always Trust Popup Notifications.

Many types of Phishing attacks use popup notification with a call to action that actually results in browser hijacking or taking you to the fake website. Always remember if there is a notification where you are being asked to download or update flash or plugin don’t click on it unless you are sure what it is all about. It is always the good idea to keep your popup windows blocked at all the times.
If you are still confused about how to deal with the security issue of your computer then you must take help from computer support service in Dubai which also provide virus removal and protection service in Dubai. mavi su cialis

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