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Top 6 Most Common PC Problems & Solutions

It is not uncommon for home-based PC users to get into trouble with their computers. As home & office IT support service provider, we commonly see these issues that are not much difficult to resolve for someone having little background knowledge of computers, but for ordinary users professional help from IT support services is essential. Here are the most common PC problems and their solutions.

  • PC Won’t Turn On.

One of the most common PC problems is that PC does not start by pressing the start button. it may be completely dead or may just don’t power on, or powers on but nothing shows up, as a result, you cannot use the computer. Although, it sounds pretty scary but you can do a lot of things to get your PC back to working again.


If there is no sign of power, no fan running, no light means there is no power supply going into your PC. You should first check your power adaptor then should check whether power is getting into your computer or not. In other cases, with slight variation, the computer will start with lights and fan but no sign of display on the screen, unfortunately, this is most common PC problem and most difficult to deal with.  You must check your monitor whether it’s working or not. Check if your computer has fully restarted, clear CMOS and check voltage. You can try restarting your pc in safe mode and remove any newly installed hardware and see if the problem is resolved.
  • Blue Screen of Death.

Almost every PC user comes across this problem once in a while. When you start your computer it ends up showing a Blue screen with some error notification. Many people call it  “Blue screen of death” because it is largely held believe computer will no more be usable after this error. However, that's not true. A blue screen may simply go away with a restart but it may also be a sign of a serious underlying problem in a computer.


In most cases, if this blue screen does not go away with a restart then it may need new operating system installation. Therefore, calling Home & office IT support service in Dubai may be the only option.  
  • DLL Files Missing.

DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library. These files contain information that is essential for smooth operations of any program on your PC.  Sometimes, these files are accidentally deleted making that program not able to work. There can be many other reasons for this problem, a new installation of hardware or software may result in deletion and damaging these files.


The only solution for this problem is to restore these missing files. If you are a computer geek, then you can easily find a copy of the missing.DLL file, download it and install it in the directory or folder of that software.  
  • Hard Drive Problems.

  Another most common problem is related to hard drive, where with the passage of time your hard drive become sloppy, making it difficult for you to store data on it.  Sometimes, it is due to bad sectors on it or very low empty space. A properly formatted hard drive is less prone to these problems. However, Windows operating system has utilities to check the hard drive surface where you can optimize your data on the drive and fix and locate bad sectors. In all other cases, if you have left very small space on hard drive then it may not work perfectly.


If your hard drive has too many bad sectors then replacement is the only option. You will need to call home IT support service to replace your hard drive.  
  • Not installing anything.

Sometimes, when you try to install a new hardware and driver on your computer. You are simply unable to do may give you different errors like not enough space, no permission to install or simply the error message that stops your installation in between.


In case, it’s space or privileges issues you can solve this issue by using the admin account. In addition to that, if your computer is infected with the virus , it may make installation of new software like AntiVirus and Antimalware difficult for you. If you are not able to resolve this issue, then you may need to install new operating system.  
  • Sluggish Computer.

It is also one of the most common PC problems where the system becomes slower over time. It may be due to many different reasons including Low RAM, temporary Internet files, too many web browser add-on installations etc.


These problems can be resolved easily. However, in some cases, you will need the help of computer support service. You can always boost your computer speed by deleting temporary internet files, removing browser add-on and leaving some extra space on your hard drive can be a good idea. If your PC is still sluggish you should get it checked computer technician.
  • No Network Connections.

If you are using your computer for the Internet or you have a home computer network and your computer is not getting connected to it. Then, it may be due to network card problem.


You may not be able to resolve this issue on your own. Therefore, you should contact PC support service who can send their technician to your place to identify and evaluate your computer and reason it's not getting connected. mavi su cialis

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