Top 5 Ways to Extend your Laptop`s Battery Life. -
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Top 5 Ways to Extend your Laptop`s Battery Life.

It`s era of mobility and almost every now days likes to work on their laptop because it easy to carry and you work on it while on move. What makes a Laptop different from PC is its battery that makes it possible for you to use it while you are traveling or away from the power socket. However, one thing that you will hear from laptop users that their laptop battery performance is on the decline with the time. Batteries don’t last forever, they are often the first laptop component that wears out relatively quickly and ultimately fails. However, the good news is that with little care you can significantly improve the life of the battery. Here are few expert battery care tips that you should follow.

  • If your laptop is plugged into Power outlet all the time, remove the battery.

While your laptop is plugged into power outlet your battery is constantly in a state of recharge.  If you keep it on all the time it will significantly reduce the battery life due to increase in overall temperature of your computer. In addition to that your laptop battery can work only for a limited number of cycles after that it starts failing therefore if you have a power plug nearby then remove the battery and use your laptop directly. Just keep an eye on power outlet so it does not make your laptop turn off unexpectedly resulting data loss.
  • Keep Check on your Laptop battery’s temperature.

One thing that many PC users don’t know is that battery can also be damaged due to extreme temperatures. Therefore you should not leave your laptop in very cold or very hot place. For example, if you are moving the battery to another place you should make sure it is not exposed to Low or Higher temperatures. In addition to that many people make mistake by leaving it their vehicles while they are parked under direct sunlight.
  • Don’t let the battery die regularly.

The laptop batteries that comes with modern laptops are Lithium-ion (Li-ion)  these can get damaged relatively easily especially if you run out them to 0% and then charge them up to 100% frequently.  You should try not to let it fell below 10% very often to improve its performance and gain a maximum number of cycles. However, it is also important to let your laptop battery run down completely and then recharge 2-3 times a month. This will help operating system to correctly gauge the battery life. Please note that if you notice laptop battery is not charging up to 100% then you should calibrate it through going into power options in windows operating system.
  • Use a Power Plan.

While using laptop battery you must make sure that power saving mode is turned on.  This will prevent it from failing too soon. One thing here is important to note that constant load on PC like wireless antenna and USB devices all connected at once with a laptop will reduce its life.
  • Try Battery Optimizer.

Lastly, there is a small utility available by the name of battery optimizer that can significantly improve the battery life through the better use of resources.  In addition to that, it will give you better picture how to use your battery in an efficient manner through the management of power consumption in a laptop.   If you are looking for a replacement battery or wants your Laptop and battery optimized with PC health check for improved performance than you can Whitehats at +971 4 338 2500 for IT support service Dubai. mavi su cialis

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