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5 Tips to Improve Your PC Performance without Upgrade.

One of the most common issues, that PC users face is that due to one or other reasons PC performance starts declining after some time. The main reason is that new and more heavy software applications are being released that requires a lot of resources to work with PC.  If you have PC that is getting slow with the time and you are unhappy about its performance than its time to get it checked why it's not working up to the expectations.  Here, we have discussed few tips that will help you to improve your PC performance. You should always follow these tips before going for a hardware upgrade.

PC performance - it's not all processing speed.

When it comes to computer performance, everyone looks for PC`s power of processing. You must remember it’s not all about how much processing power PC holds. It does have a significant impact but you may also improve your PC performance without upgrades. It is important, before you start looking to replace your computer hardware for better performance. You must first look into reasons why the performance of your PC is on the decline. Few big reasons behind poor PC performance can be Junk files, a cluttered windows registry, and traces of the applications and programs that you may have installed over the years and months. Trying to add new hardware to the system that is already bogged down is no different from adding new engine to the car that never had a service and also has flat tires. So, it will be a good idea to first clean your PC and get it back into shape.

 Remove Junk Files.

One of the big reasons, your computer is slowing down is that it has too many Junk files stored in it. Junk Files are the temporary files that stay on your PC until you delete them. Although you may delete them manually, to be on the safe side we recommend you to delete them by using Windows Disk Cleanup utility. To delete Junk files Click Start then in the search box type “Disk Cleanup”. Open the app and select the drive in which you want to clean your temporary data. Temporary internet data can be found in different folders where you can choose what to remove and what not to remove. Another method of removing junk files can be the use of PC cleaning utilities that can be downloaded for free from the internet.

Kill Startup programs

It is possible to make your PC as fast as you like but if you have too many startup programs that are sucking away all the resources then it will not be possible to provide your PC enough resources that could kill startup programs. You are free up your PC resource by removing programs that are not in use. To permanently remove a program from startup you should follow these steps.
  • From Start Open the “Control Panel”
  • Click on Programs Icon, then in “Programs and Features”
  • Click on Uninstall programs on the startup programs that you want to remove.
  • These are the programs that you may not need.
If you want to stop an app to start in the background and want it only to run when needed. Then you must follow these steps.
  • In search type “msconfig”,
  • Press enter, run the app.
  • Click on the “service” tab.
  • Hide all “Microsoft services” box.
  • Here you can turn off the apps you know don’t need running on startup.
Alternatively, you may use some utility or software that can help you kill or remove startup programs as per your requirements. You can search on the internet for such programs but always remember you should download it from trusted websites.

 Make sure Operating system is updated.

Keeping your system up to date is important, however, if you decide to upgrade your hardware, then you must also make sure that software is also up-to-date. These updates include graphics card drivers, and your other essential programs will together in an optimized way.  For example, if you want to play games on your PC then it will be wise to upgrade your video and graphics card for better performance. You must also keep your PC operating system updated.

A virus-free PC is a high-performing PC.

There are certain types of viruses that make your PC slow. Therefore, if you want to improve your PC performance you must make sure it's virus-free. It is because many viruses can eat up PC resources leaving fewer resources for operating system programs to run. You must have Antivirus on your PC and don’t forget to turn on the automatic protection from the virus in it.

 Upgrade Hardware.

If you have a budget and you can afford higher specification hardware such as ram, processor or hard drive, then it can help you in improving the performance of your PC. However, before upgrading your hardware, you must remember that software and hardware go together if you upgrade your hardware without proper understating of your needs and requirements then you will end up wasting your money. Upgrade only where required and always look for other (previously discussed) ways to improve performance first.  

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