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How To Secure Home or Office WiFi router?

The numbers of devices that are connected to the internet through the home wireless router are growing every day. This growth is not without reason, perhaps we are spending more and more time on the internet and our use of internet also means we are also using it for shopping and work-related tasks. The most important device that you always need to have for home internet connection is a wireless router. This wireless router connects you to the internet however, on the other hand, it also becomes a source of most data breaches. These data breaches are directly related vulnerabilities that comes with wireless router devices giving access to hackers. At Whitehats Support, we come across number of home and business Wireless internet users, who have number of vulnerabilities in their routers, making it easier for hackers to access their network. You must also remember that protecting your Wi-Fi is the first step towards protection of your computer and mobile devices as well so take it seriously and always take following steps to ensure security.

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  • Update the Firmware.

Like any other device, the operating system is one of the most important system software that runs your computer or smartphone. The same is true for routers as well.  Modern routers also have their system software that are called firmware. Depending on the manufacturer, it may take few months to reach in your hands. Therefore, there may be new firmware updates released by the manufacturer to fix bugs, add new features and improve security. You will not get these updates unless you check for it yourself. In order to update your firmware, you should connect your browser with firmware through accessing it that is usually http// that will take you to access firmware. Here you may get a notification about the update as well. Another way to deal with this issue is to access administration console from where you can either directly update the firmware through update option or can download directly from the manufacturer website. This methodology differs slightly between different types of routers so you may also get help from manufacturer manual or internet.
  • Change the Default Login.

Most of the routers, especially ISPs version are shipped with default login and passwords that is usually set as (admin and admin). Even if you have already changed these passwords, these will most likely revert back to default password after the firmware update. Therefore always change these default login credentials. It is most commonly exploited vulnerability as hackers know default passwords that are usually left unchanged. Now a day’s few routers may prompt you to change these default settings others may not. Use a good password that includes a combination of alphabets, characters, and numbers.
  • Implement Wi-Fi encryption.

Now a day, most of the good quality routers have Wi-Fi encryption enabled by default. However, you should still check for it. Ensure your router is using WAP2 encryption for communication and all of settings/passwords are changed while encryption enabled. If you dig deeper into encryption issue you will know there are certain options like WPA, WPA2, and WEP. You must only use WPA2 as others can be easily cracked by hackers. You may either use TKIP or AES both will work with a WPA2 option.
  • Disable Remote Access.

For most of the home users, remote access has no use. It is mostly an easier way to provide remote support through IT support services. However, for home users, it is backdoor into your home Wi-Fi network that should be closed. In case, a hacker manages to access the router remotely, they may get control over any computer as well. Even hackers may turn off encryption and change passwords to perform any action they want. In order to disable it, you must find remote access section within device management section of the firmware and turn it off. It will enhance the security of your router.
  • Change the SSID.

The SSID (Service Set Identifier) is wireless network name that broadcasted by the router. It is a default name that may have any particular name. If you live at a place where there are many networks it may cause confusion for you and others. For example, if you default SSID of your network is net gear network it is telling hackers the manufacturer of your router device. This information can be used by them to hack your device. You must change it with any other name make it only identifiable to your family members.
Beside all above discussed security measures, there are many others such as changing IP address, subnets, Wi-Fi channels, disabling UPNO or WPS but the above five steps are most important that should always be considered to secure home network.

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