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7 Tips To Avoid Computer Virus Infections.

Computer viruses, spyware, ransomware, and adware, etc. are the most significant emerging threats to all types of computer users. According to Computer Economics report annual worldwide malware associated spending has increased from $10 billion to $13 billion within last one decade. While Google`s research suggests that 1 in every 10 websites online today are infected with “driven by” malware. The risk of getting your computer infected with virus infection has grown significantly that even well-known and famous websites expose users to exploits and Trojans.
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With growing epidemics of Ransomware like WannaCry and Petya, users must follow several security best practices to minimize their exposure to viruses, spyware, and malware. However, we humans tend to not to take things seriously until they affect us.
As a home computer user, it is important that you take proactive measures to make sure you have done enough avoid any such situation where you may have to face unpleasant situation including financial loss.
Here are few tips to make sure you are protected against virus, malware, and spyware.
  • Install Quality Antivirus Software.

Many people believe once they have installed antivirus on their personal computers, they are immune to all types of computer viruses, spyware, Trojans and other security threats. Perhaps this not true in most of the cases because today`s malware and viruses are too sophisticated that many of them can easily bypass antiviruses. Therefore, most of the antivirus’s free versions that come with limited functionality do not provide sufficient protection to your computer. Even if you have paid version, there is no guarantee that it will provide you protection against all viruses, malware, and threats. However, Antivirus is still must have computer application, and you should install the Quality Antivirus that is the full version to provide a better level of protection.  

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  • Real Time Antispyware Protection 

Spyware is another emerging threat to the safety of your computer that sometimes makes your computer unable to work properly. ? Many users think that after installing Anti spyware in addition to antivirus can give their computer protection against all types of spyware.  However, this does not necessarily to be true as evolving security threats have left anti spyware applications far behind. Even people who thought Mac operating system is fully secure against viruses and malware prove to be wrong because latest research shows Mac is also vulnerable to malware and exploits.  It is also the fact that most of the Anti spyware don’t provide real time or active protection against malware, Trojan, and other spyware infections. Therefore, they cannot detect threats in timely manners. Therefore fully paid and carefully configured Anti spyware is required to protect your computer.  

According to Panda Security Report in 2005, that a new strain of malware is discovered every 12 minutes as compared to 2016 when McAfee reported it is decreased it by four seconds.  
  • Keep Anti-Malware Applications Updated.

If you have anti-virus and anti-malware application installed on your computer, then you should make sure that it is fully updated all the times. Antivirus and anti-spyware companies time to time release new patches against new types of viruses and threats. Therefore, you should always make sure that your Anti malware application and Anti-virus is fully up to date.
  • Perform Daily Virus Scans.

Occasionally, viruses and spyware may escape Antiviruses and AntiSpyWare. In order make sure that no hidden threat may have escaped you should once perform daily in depth scans. These in depth scans may thoroughly check your computers against Antiviruses and Spywares and may catch any hidden infected files as well providing your computers full protection against these threats.  
  • Disable Auto run.

Many Antiviruses get installed on your computer by attaching themselves to drives, or auto run files on the system. This auto run feature that is part of every window based operating system that becomes a source of propagation of viruses throughout the system and local area network. However, by disabling this option of the auto run may reduce the chances of spreading this infection to other computers.
  • Disable Outlook Image Preview.

Although there are many ways, your computer may get infected with the virus. One of this is through outlooks graphics code execution. Where an infected email can result in getting your computer with a virus.  However, this can be prevented by disabling image previews in outlook.
  • Don’t Click on Email Links and File Attachments.

Many hackers use phishing emails with links to infected files to trick users download viruses or malware on their computers. Most of the times these emails include some types of URLs or attachments that once clicked or downloaded can get your computer infected. Therefore, it is important you know what phishing email looks like. You must never open or click the clicks received from untrusted sources. Even if it is from trusted source, you should know why this link is sent to you.
In addition to that, there are many other measures that you may take in order to increase the level of protection of your computer against viruses including using hardware and software based firewalls, using DNS settings, etc.

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