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Switching from PC to Mac? Top 5 Things You Should Know.

Are you like many other considering switching from PC to Mac? According to a survey of “USA computer owners” reveals that 21% of PC users are considering switching from Windows PC to Mac against only 2% from Mac to Windows. While according to Forbes the market share of Mac PC market has slowly increased from 5.8% to 7.9% in last few years. You may already be familiar with few apple devices like iPhone, iPod, or IPad, etc. however using Mac based PC is a whole new experience that may require significant effort to learn the whole new operating system. Here are few things that you should know if you are going to switch operating system.

  • Mac Keyboard is Different.

One of the biggest differences that you will notice immediately after starting to use Mac is that its keyboard is different. Long-term PC users that are pretty much used to pressing buttons on the keyboard in a certain way.  Many Mac keyboard comes without special keys that include forward, delete, page up, page down however you can accomplish same tasks with keyboard commands. Therefore, you will need to relearn these tasks to perform these tasks.
  • Also, that common keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl-S for Save and Ctrl-P for print can be used. However, to use these command key, you will have to press apple logo button instead of the control
  • The delete key on the Mac keyboard does not delete the files or icons. The Delete function works by using a combination of Apple and backspace keys.
  • To switch between open applications is you will have to use Ctrl-Alt.
  • The command used in windows operating system for Windows Task Manager is Command/Option/Esc.
In addition to that connecting windows mouse to Mac also work in same way. In case you want to be learned more about the difference between Mac and PC keyboards. You can click here.  
  • Installing applications.

When you have a new computer then in most cases you will have to install new applications and software in it. Mac comes with the iLife Suite that means many of applications that you may need will be installed on the base system. However, you may need to install new applications according to your particular needs. However installation is pretty different on Mac as compared to PC, when you need to install the new application, you will need to do is download the software then drag the icon on the desktop to the application folder to make it work. Similar to iTunes Apple Mac store is available where you can find desired applications. If it's not available for free, then you will have to buy it, and it will be installed on your PC seamlessly without the need of license keys. Uninstallation process can be completed by simply dragging the icon to the trash folder. It is recommended that you use uninstaller function in applications to remove programs rather than simply dragging them to trash folder as it will completely remove all the files of that applications.  In many cases, you can also install desired application mac with a simple click and drag it to the location you wish. In some cases, you may need to add additional components to user or system library. Widgets, Safari Extensions and control panes can be easily installed with a simple double click on them.
  • Where to find Mac Applications?

In case you want to figure out where the applications are, then you must look at the bottom of your screen. At the bottom of the screen, there is a dock that displays the icons of applications installed on your Mac. You can also add applications to this doc by simply dragging the icon on to it. In case you cannot find application in the doc then the easiest way is to search it in the spotlight that is available on the top right corner. You can also find some applications and tools in Apple menu that can be accessed on upper left corner of your screen. Similar to PC Control Panel, there is system preference that can be accessed through Doc or application menu. It can be used to configure your system.  
  • Moving your data from PC to Mac.

With the availability of icloud , the process of moving documents, images, and videos from PC to Mac based system. If you want to migrate your data from windows based PC to Mac, then you will need to simply follow these steps.
  • Download icloud on your Windows PC from Apple's
  • Enable icloud service through configuration screen from windows control panel.
  • Use Apple ID to Login into iCloud It will allow you to sync web browser bookmarks, images, contacts, calendar and email all will be automatically backed up in the cloud.
  • You can download all the data on new Mac from the icloud
As an alternative you may also use other cloud backup services like Jungle disk and Dropbox etc.  if you don’t have too much data, then you will not have to pay anything for these services.
  • Updating and patching your Mac.

You may be aware of windows operating system where it may automatically update your system once a week or month. Apple does not have any such regular schedule for a system update.  If you want to update your Mac, then you will need to look for Apple menu and set up the software update preferences under system preferences. It will allow you to specifically choose what frequency you want to update your Mac system.
If you feel any difficulty in setting up your new Mac or need help with any other problem related to your PC in Dubai. You can contact us at +971 4 33 82 500, and our team will be happy to help you.

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